Booking procedure

1. Select the apartment you would like to book.

2. "Book now" or "Booking request"?
Lodgis wants to keep things simple, so you can book your apartment online!
This option is available for some weekly rental apartments (duration of three weeks or less). When you see the words "Book now", you can reserve this apartment online! Click to book it immediately.
If the apartment is not available for Instant booking, click "Booking request".
If you would like more information before booking or if you have a specific request, click "Information request". An advisor will contact you shortly to guide you through the process to find a apartment.

3. You electronically sign the rental contract and specify your means of payment. The owner will then have 24 hours to confirm your rental request.

4. The owner signs the rental contract. Your credit card is charged for the agency fees* and, according to the case, for the deposit.

5. You immediately receive the following by e-mail:

  • The rental confirmation
  • The owner's full contact information
  • The rental contract and your bill

6. You contact the owner and set a date for your arrival at the apartment. You will have to give to the owner your insurance certificate.

* Agency fees:

  • For weekly rentals, our fees are calculated according to the stay duration and correspond to 20 % of the total owed** to which is added 25€ excl. Tax of application charges. They are included in the price rent displayed on the website.

  • For monthly rentals, our agency fees (visit fee, of producing the data and drafting of the lease) correspond to 12,5 % excl. Tax of the total rent to which is added 25€ excl. Tax of application charges, this total amount is capped at 15 €/m² (incl. VAT) to which can be added 3 €/m² (incl. VAT) for property inspection / outgoing inventory. Agency fees are not included in rent prices displayed on our website.

    ** Total amount owned = rent + agency fees