Apartment rentals in Nation quarter / Paris 11

Are you looking for an apartment to stay in the Nation district?

The Nation district, which takes its name from the square of the same name is one of the main nerve centres of Paris. The area lies to the east of the capital, on the border of the 11th and 12th arrondissements.
The Nation district also attracts tourists because of its lively bars, cafes, restaurants and shops ... and also because the entire district was the location of much of the action of the French Revolution.
These apartments have been chosen by the Lodgis team so that your stay in Paris will be perfect.
They have all been visited and checked to avoid any nasty surprises. Find and book the apartment of your choice in the neighbourhood of the Place de la Nation in Paris.

Stay in an apartment in the Nation neighbourhood to make the most of your stay in Paris

If you visit Paris and are staying in the Nation district, you will be able to take advantage of the many public transport systems that serve the Place de la Nation, starting with the 1, 2, 6 and 9 metro lines, via the RER A and various buses.

You can also enjoy the exciting atmosphere that still recalls, even for the least imaginative, lingering memories of the French Revolution; the famous guillotine that formerly stood in the Place de la Nation. In the nineteenth century, the latter was replaced with a bronze sculpture. The entire statue is composed of a chariot pulled by lions, guided by a spirit of liberty, pushed by a blacksmith and surrounded by statues of children. There was once a great basin decorated with alligators, but during the Occupation, it was melted to provide metal for the German army. The central statue faces the neighbouring Place de la Bastille, as if to emphasise their territorial unity, as well as historical.

The area is full of shops of all kinds (wine and spirits in the Caves of the Nation on the Philippe Auguste avenue, musical instruments around the Boulevard Voltaire ...). It's certainly a nice area for a shopping trip. Nation offers many possibilities for accommodation, both around the square and the quieter surrounding streets that are populated by numerous schools dedicated to education and various sports.
The Rue Pache, near the Rue de la Roquette, boasts the Smoker's museum, one of the more unusual museums of Paris. Here, you can see exhibits of the global history of tobacco, such as many ancient pipes, various cigars, and even peace pipes and hookahs. In summer, outdoor concerts are organized on the Place de la Nation.

We also have apartments in other districts of the 11th arrondissement, such as Bastille and Republique.
Staying in the Nation quarter is a great way to get to know Paris intimately, thanks to the multitude of activities on offer. Lodgis can make this happen for your next holiday in Paris, with our selection of the best apartments in the neighbourhood.