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Do you own an apartment in Paris or in a nearby suburb ? Would you like to rent it out throughout the year because you do not live there full-time (expatriation, vacation homes...)?

Rent it out easily and efficiently thanks to Lodgis!
Lodgis isn't just an apartment rental website. It is, above all, a specialized agency in furnished rentalsin Paris that has run for almost 20 years (Lodgis can also help you to rent out your unfurnished property).


Do you own a property (12m² minimum and equipped with bathroom facilities) that you would like to rent out? You can create your listing for free to advertise on our website. To do this, please fill in the fields below: you will receive an email to begin creating your advert.

If you already rent out an apartment with Lodgis, you can list a new property on your account.

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