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Témoignage de Sarah Mola, stagiaire pendant 7 mois au sein du département Location Meublée de Lodgis

"While living in Paris, I learned about the Parisian real estate market. It was during the search for my own apartment that I became acquainted with it and I realized that I had a true passion for this ever-growing business. I had the chance to make contact with Parisian real estate agencies as a client first and as a professional later.

In order to validate the first year of my Master’s program in International Business and Foreign Languages, I had to secure an internship with an appropriate company. I started my search for an internship in August 2012. I sent my resume and a cover letter to three Parisian real estate agencies specialized in furnished rentals.

I instantly felt that Lodgis was the best road to take. I chose Lodgis because it is the leader of the field, but also because, from the first time I spoke with the CEO, I understood the core values on which the company was founded: professionalism and “integrity”. These two principles made me feel very close the corporate culture.

This internship gave me the opportunity to deepen my knowledge of the local business domain in an international context. I experienced all aspects of the real estate market, especially those concerning furnished renting in terms of business management and law.

Throughout my time at Lodgis, I was able to apply the theories I studied in school to real professional situations. I was also able to implement my business know-how in an international and professional domain, while improving fluency in foreign languages (Italian, French, and English) and acquiring an in-depth knowledge of the specific vocabulary used in the field.

During my six months at Lodgis however, I have grown notably as a person and as a professional, and have gained confidence in international business.

This internship met, and exceeded, all of my expectations. Lodgis allowed me to strengthen and solidify my theoretical and practical knowledge, and increased my eagerness to work in international business. Thanks to my mentor, Agatha Torres, I discovered a true passion for selling and marketing. She helped me gain a full understanding of how an international company is managed and really works on a “glocal” level. As a result of her knowledge and personality, I was able to fully comprehend the importance of working in a sales department at the beginning of a professional business career.

Selling is an “art”; you must develop specific skills, knowledge, and strategies in order to succeed. I used to think that business strategies were constructed only through the knowledge of well-educated managers and CEOs, but in reality, all successful companies’ strategies are founded on the basis of what the sales department analyzes every day “in the field”. The sales department is actually the primary way for a company to understand the market and customers’ needs.

Thanks to this internship, I experienced all the positive aspects of the position, while gaining a realistic understanding my skills and assets as a professional. I came to understand how I can be an asset to a company and consequently, what direction I should take with my professional career."


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