Furnished Loft rentals in Paris

Lodgis offers lofts for rent in Paris

Are you looking to rent a furnished loft for several months or more in Paris ? Lodgis specialises in furnished rentals, has a wide range of lofts available in Paris. All our loft apartments or loft studios are fully furnished and ready to move into, just like the other types of accommodation that we offer (duplexes, individual houses).

Each loft for rent has been visited and rigorously checked by our team to best meet your needs (location, floor area, price, availability).

  • Bel Air – Picpus Paris 12° 2 bedroom Loft
    Paris 12°



    Furnished 2 bedroom loft

    70 m² | Bel Air – Picpus

    Station Porte Dorée  

    check the availability

    No. 31219020

    From €1,630 /month *

  • Quartier Latin – Panthéon Paris 5° studio
    Paris 5°



    Furnished studio loft

    30 m² | Quartier Latin – Panthéon

    Station Saint-Michel - Notre-Dame   

    check the availability

    No. 20518705

    €1,200 /month *

  • Bastille Paris 11° 1 bedroom Loft
    Paris 11°



    Furnished 1 bedroom loft

    58 m² | Bastille

    Station Bastille   

    Available now

    No. 31118179

    From €1,925 /month *

  • Villejuif studio with alcove
    Val de marne sud



    Furnished studio loft

    45 m² | Villejuif

    Station Villejuif - Louis Aragon 

    Available from 31-Aug-18

    No. 2V210046

    From €950 /month *

  • Canal Saint Martin Paris 10° 1 bedroom Loft
    Paris 10°



    Furnished 1 bedroom loft

    50 m² | Canal Saint Martin

    Station Goncourt - Hopital Saint-Louis 

    check the availability

    No. 2109466

    From €1,700 /month *

  • Père Lachaise Paris 20° 1 bedroom Loft
    Paris 20°



    Furnished 1 bedroom loft

    66 m² | Père Lachaise

    Station Maraichers 

    Available from 20-Sept-18

    No. 22016638

    From €1,630 /month *

  • Montmartre Paris 18° 1 bedroom Loft
    Paris 18°



    Furnished 1 bedroom loft

    72 m² | Montmartre

    Station Blanche 

    Available from 31-Oct-18

    No. 3188244

    From €1,995 /month *

  • Colombes 2 bedroom Loft
    Haut de seine Nord



    Furnished 2 bedroom loft

    45 m² | Banlieue Nord Ouest Paris – La Défense

    Station La Garenne Colombes 

    Available from 01-Nov-18

    No. 3H28831

    From €1,660 /month *

  • Quartier Latin – Panthéon Paris 5° studio
    Paris 5°



    Furnished studio loft

    16 m² | Quartier Latin – Panthéon

    Station Cardinal Lemoine 

    Available from 27-Jun-19

    No. 10515359

    From €1,083 /month *

  • Champs-Elysées Paris 8° studio
    Paris 8°



    Furnished studio loft

    83 m² | Champs-Elysées

    Station George V 

    Available now

    No. 2088481

    €8,685 /month *

Our lofts for rent are ideal for people who for professional reasons (expatriates, students, reassignment) or personal reasons (break-up, renovation works in your house...), need to stay in Paris for a medium or long period. So why should you rent a furnished loft with our agency Lodgis ? Because all our lofts, apartments and other types of housing are carefully selected by our team of advisors to ensure they are well-equipped, allowing you to feel at home when you move in.

Different furnished lofts for rent

Lodgis offers a selection of furnished lofts in Paris and its surrounding region. We have lofts with different floor areas from 40m² and up to 200m² to meet your requirements in terms of apartment size. With Lodgis you can find the property that will fit your needs, whether you are single or you have a family. Our lofts are equipped with a dishwasher, TV, elevator,wi-fi connection and some of them even have a mezzanine or an alcove. Take a look at our 3 room lofts.

There are plenty of activities for you to try in the capital. Renting a furnished loft to live in Paris will allow you to make the most of your time in the city. If you have the soul of an artist and you'd like to stay in an atypical apartment, renting a loft would be the ideal housing solution for you in Paris !