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Real Estate Market: what you need to know

The bail mobilité: the new contact for furnished rentals offered by the ELAN law

Through Lodgis, we invite you to learn further about the applicable conditions and the landlords' advantages of the Bail Mobilité now available...
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How to choose a property to rent out; furnished or unfurnished?

Before making a real estate investment, it is necessary to learn about the local real estate market and to be mindful, as with all real estate ventures, as to the location and condition of the property.
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How to monetize your property during your expatriation?

How to keep dwelling or real estate assets during time abroad while receiving additional incomes? Furnished rental is the answer...
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Advice for renting out your property

Why call upon a professional to help with finding tenants for your property?

There are multiple options available to find a tenant: word of mouth, putting an advert in the press, on the internet or call upon the help of a professional in the property rental.
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How to find the right tenant?

As landlord of a property for rent you have the choice as to your tenant. Your choice needs to be made within objective criteria, such as the financial solvency of the tenant. It is important to steer clear of any prejudices...
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Why have an inventory and declaration of the condition of the property?

Once you put your apartment for rent you will need to add to the contract an inventory and declaration of the condition of the property, whether the contract is for an apartment furnished or not, or even a seasonal contract. This may seem excessive and unnecessary but...
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The specifics of furnished rentals

olympics Paris

How to Rent Your Property During the 2024 Olympics?

Are you looking to boost your income by renting out your accommodation during the 2024 Olympics? Here are our tips to help you get started with confidence!
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unpaid rents

Furnished rentals: how prevent unpaid rent?

Unpaid rents are less common in furnished rentals, but it does exist. Here are practical tips to minimize this risk...
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Why opt for Rent Guarantee Insurance (GLI)?

Even though unpaid rents are much less common in furnished rentals, a Rent Guarantee Insurance (GLI) can be usefull. Lodgis explains why.
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New DPE Requirements

Starting from July 1st, the Energy Performance Certificate (DPE) must be included in all furnished rental listings...
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Unpaid Rent

Health Crisis, Rental Market and Risk of Unpaid Rent

In november 2020,unpaid rents from tenants has increased. What about furnished rental market? Is it necessary to take out a GLI for ownrers?
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Rental contract

What are the different types of lease for furnished rentals?

For furnished rentals, there are several different types of contract according to the length and purpose of your tenant’s stay. Lodgis has the answers...
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necessary equipment for furnished rental

What equipment is necessary to rent out a “furnished” apartment?

Have you asked yourself how to equip your apartment in order to rent it out as furnished? Here are some of our tips...
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How to equip your property for furnished rent?

How should you furnish your apartment to be able to put it for furnished rent and find a tenant quickly? Here are 5 key tips that will allow you to successfully equip your apartment for furnished rent.
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end rental contract

Furnished rentals: how to end a contract?

There are two types of contract used for furnished rentals....
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Which tax regime to choose to declare your rental income?

To declare revenues from a letting a furnished property, you have the choice between two tax regimes: the ‘regime Micro-BIC’ and the ‘régime réel’...
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rental income document

Furnished rentals: how to declare your rental income?

How to declare your non-professional furnished rental income? Here are Lodgis’s tips to easily declare your rental income…
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Property owners

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