How to successfully let or sell your property?

Are you a landlord looking to rent out your property?
Are you thinking of letting your property but are unsure whether furnished or unfurnished best suits you?

Consult our guide on easily letting and selling your property.

The world of renting: what you need to know

  • The bail mobilité: the new contact for furnished rentals offered by the ELAN law

    Established by Emmanuel Macron’s government, the ELAN law (Evolution of the Housing, Town Planning and Digital Technology) has been approved in November 2018. One of its main measures is the bail mobilité (mobility lease). Through Lodgis, we invite you to learn further about the applicable conditions and the advantages of this new rental contract now available to landlords...

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  • How to choose a property to rent out; furnished or unfurnished?

    Acquiring a good property to put for rent is an important investment, especially in a large area such as Paris, where house prices are elevated. It is therefore necessary to learn about the local real estate market and to be mindful, as with all real estate ventures, as to the location and condition of the property.

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Advice for renting out your property

  • Why call upon a professional to help with finding tenants for your property?

    There are multiple options available to find a tenant: word of mouth, putting an advert in the press, on the internet or call upon the help of a professional in the rental of furnished and unfurnished properties.

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  • How to find the right tenant?

    As landlord of a property for furnished or unfurnished rent you have the choice as to your tenant. Your choice needs to be made within objective criteria, such as the financial solvency of the tenant. It is important to steer clear of any prejudices which could lead you to discriminating against a particular candidate, as this is punishable by law.

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  • Why have an inventory and declaration of the condition of the property?

    Once you put your apartment for rent you will need to add to the contract an inventory and declaration of the condition of the property, whether the contract is for an apartment furnished or not, or even a seasonal contract. This may seem excessive and unnecessary but it is vital to ensure the renting of your property runs as smoothly as possible. Here are the reasons why…

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The specifics of furnished rentals

  • What are the different types of lease for furnished rentals?

    For furnished rentals, there are several different types of contract according to the length and purpose of your tenant’s stay. Lodgis has the answers…

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  • How to equip your property for furnished rent?

    How should you furnish your apartment to be able to put it for furnished rent and find a tenant quickly? Here are 5 key tips that will allow you to successfully equip your apartment for furnished rent.

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  • Furnished rentals: how to end a contract?

    There are two types of contract used for furnished rentals.

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  • All about the taxation of furnished rental...

    For all fiscal matters, we invite you to consult our partner site
    There you can access a free online simulator to find the best declaratory scheme for you along with information and advice to carry out income declaration of your furnished rental.


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