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Are you looking for a rewarding experience in a sector that is constantly evolving? Come to Lodgis! Created in 1999, this new kind of digital real estate agency offers its clients from around the world furnished rentals for their stay in France, all done remotely to make contact easier. With a strong international team which speaks ten languages, Lodgis is a dynamic enterprise that will change your opinion on real estate!

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Why join Lodgis?

Today Lodgis is one of the leading firms in the furnished real estate market and is looking for motivated people who are ready to join this great adventure. More than a job, at Lodgis you’ll find genuine values such as kindness and team spirit as well as a sense of family which will ease your integration into the company.

Here at Lodgis, friendliness is important! You’ll be able to take part in lots of challenges throughout the year as well as a big office party, always organised in exciting places (dinner on a barge, a balloon ride above Paris...anything is possible), we do our best to ensure the workplace is as pleasant as possible. We also listen to the needs and wishes of our colleagues. An idea? A project? At Lodgis, everyone can express themselves!

What we are looking for...

Whether you are a real estate specialist, client advisor, developer or even a student looking for a work placement, we’ll always have a place in our team for dynamic and passionate profiles, so don’t wait any longer and send us your application!

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Let's hear from some Lodgis staff

"Lodgis was my first real professional experience. I joined the team as a Rental Advisor and then I moved towards a role leading my team. Coming from a literary background, the world of customer service and "sales" was unknown to me. However, management trusted me and this was the beginning of a great adventure! An adventure with wonderful people. I met so many fabulous people at the agency, with wonderful values and outlooks! The multilingual and multicultural team prompted me to be more tolerant of others, curious, open-minded and to discover other cultures. Most importantly, I will remember unforgettable nights, full of sharing, solidarity and fun!
It was also a professional adventure. I discovered the world of real estate, which was previously a mystery to me. I learnt a great deal in terms of customer relations during these 10 years, especially since there were such a broad range of clients, and I advised all kinds of customers from all over the world. It was very enriching. I was also able to assist and advise the team and I really enjoyed this.
Lodgis is a great team and I loved the 10 years I spent with you! I know that you have amazing projects underway and I'm sure you'll face challenges. I wish you the best!

Raphaëlle TAILLARDAT, Lead furnished rental advisor

"This year at Lodgis was my first real experience of working. When I arrived here I was instantly helped by the team that I’d joined, who welcomed me warmly. This allowed me to gradually get to know my role as Customer Adviser as well as the very friendly company.
This year of learning was rewarding for me in every sense: professionally since it allowed me to develop new skills, but also socially because I was able to share my daily life with the rest of the Lodgis family. I have grown from this experience and will continue my studies with very fond memories of my time at Lodgis.

Léa CANIVET, Rental owner Advisor

"Working at Lodgis didn't only help me to develop professional skills of great value but also to grow as a person.
I, who am pretty reserved generally speaking; I got so warmly welcomed that I ended up identifying myself and becoming a part of this wonderful adventure along with amazing people, because yes, before being a team of professionals, Lodgis is a family in which each member bring their little plus and where the passion for Paris takes on all its meaning. The same holds true for me, my studies and my future projects took back on their full meaning thanks to these few months in the agency; I learnt what it was to keep improving in order to reach a shared goal and to give the best of ourself to succeed. I also realized the luck I have to live in such a magical city. After returning from expatriation, I couldn't see the beautiful things surrounding me and my routine made me blind to it. With Lodgis I fell in love with Paris again and I re-discovered its many faces!
A huge thank you to each member of Lodgis; each advice, support, confidences, moments spent together and most importantly, thank you so much for each smile.

Linda LARDJANE, Webmarketing project manager Intern

"My experience with Lodgis marked me because of its international dimension. I had the opportunity to work with a clientele coming from all around the world and to get to know more about their expectations. On top of that, my colleagues were adorable and – just like the customers – cosmopolitan, it felt like being on an Erasmus program. It's an ideal place if you want to introduce yourself to the international market.
For me, this experience has been very fulfilling on a personal and professional standpoint.
Furthermore, I’ve always had a lot of admiration for the Lodgis expertise in real estate, informatics and marketing.
I leave this company, after 4 years of experience, to follow my husband.
I thank all the people I got the luck to work with and share my everyday life with for these 4 years that went by too fast. I will miss your cheerfulness. I wish you a lot of good things but most importantly to succeed.

Anna PONCEBLANC, Lettings consultant

"I was a Training Coach at Lodgis for 10 months. It was a new position and I had the luck to be given free rein to create training programs and choose the different tools related to indivual and team coaching. I also got total freedom to implement team building activities with Lodgis' partners. Indeed, the directorate believed in my methods and completely trusted me.
At Lodgis, I found values of respect and goodwill, as well as professionalism.
This new position of in-company trianing coach was a challenge that we decided to take. I sadly had to quit this fascinating position with Lodgis for a new chapter in Africa with my husband.
When I spend holidays in Paris, I systematically visit my former co-workers because I really love the atmosphere they have at Lodgis and I enjoy meeting up with my colleagues with whom I had so much fun working.

Sophie OUBRAHAM, Coach-trainer

"Lodgis is a human-size company with a family atmosphere where one feels at ease. The premises are spacious and located in the heart of Paris. I hold fond memories of my experience in the agency and I definitely intend to keep in touch with the teams!"

S. HAMELAIN, IT developer

"Lodgis was my first employer. Wow, what a way to start! I joined the agency as a Lettings Consultant - Landlords and became part of a genuine team that worked together to constantly improve. I was supported throughout the comprehensive training program, and by the end of it I was capable of working independently and had excellent sales skills.
As well as the atmosphere at the office and the excellent quality of the agency's work, I was genuinely impressed by the commitment to people and the company's goals. Each employee plays a part in the agency's success, and managers are highly competent and always approachable.
The work is interesting and I learned a great deal, in terms of both sales and the property market. This was my first experience of the property market, and now I'm hooked!
I'm sorry to be leaving the agency to take part in a family project. I can only wish every staff member the same excellent learning experience I have had, on both a personal and a professional level.

Guillaume MARXGUT, Key Accounts Development Executive

"I had never worked for a company like Lodgis before, and it's an experience I'm very glad to have had. Above all, Lodgis is a big team and a fantastic family. I met some amazing people and every effort is made to keep the excellent team spirit going long-term. (The premises are ideally laid out for working together and you have the opportunity to "escape" during breaks, with the fantastic view over the rooftops of Paris, for example.)
As regards the work itself, I was really impressed with the IT resources in place to make all the staff's working days smoother and individual tasks easier. Clients really benefit from that too, because they appreciate the fact that staff can identify them easily and treat them as individuals when they contact us.
Lastly, I have to say that the team managers and leaders really know the job. They understand the problems you can face in each position and that helps people in all the different roles to communicate effectively.

Alexia DOLENSKI, Letting consultant - Landlords

"I began my Lodgis adventure in January 2011, as a Reservations Sales Consultant working with our English-, French- and Italian-speaking clients.
The friendly, international atmosphere is definitely one of the company's strong points (a quarter of the staff are from outside France). We speak different languages, discuss our various points of view and learn lots of new things. I love coming to work in the morning because my job is great (well, maybe not quite so much so during peak season ;)), and so are my colleagues and the company (and management show they appreciate us by organizing lunches where we all eat together, in-house challenges, corporate evenings, etc.).
Putting the actual work aspect aside, I have found the diversity and open-minded atmosphere at Lodgis really helpful both professionally and personally.
Also, in the four and a half years since I arrived, the company has grown quickly with new departments opened. With so many changes and a genuine focus on the future, my Reservations Sales Consultant job has evolved and I now have new tasks, responsibilities, skills and qualities. My role has become more complex, but also more interesting. My sales skills have improved immensely since I arrived. I have also improved my French (I'm Italian), and I'm now looking to learn Spanish. 
Overall, it's a really challenging role where I'm responsible for the results I achieve!
Lastly, Lodgis really listens to its staff. The managers have supported me in my project to travel around the world by allowing me to take a sabbatical.

Chiara DE CAMILLIS, Furnished Lets Consultant

"I would like to talk about my experience with Lodgis. In May 2015, I was lucky enough to be offered the opportunity to join the team for a four-month internship as a Reservations Consultant. For this role, you need to pay attention to detail, be organized and speak several languages. Every day, you have to manage unexpected situations, advise clients from all over the world with a range of budgets, and really ensure you meet the expectations of a demanding clientele because it's a very competitive sector.
I'm an MBA student at ESC in La Rochelle, and this was my fifth four-month internship. Lodgis stands out because it was the first team I saw really work together to progress and achieve excellent results. I think this is mainly due to the quality of the management and the strong team spirit, and the fact that the staff are so energetic and welcoming. 
With two other interns, I was extremely well trained in the company's stringent operating procedures and the software. I really want to stress the quality of the training and the support I was given during this period. After just four weeks, I could do my job independently.
The consultants are genuinely committed to their jobs. The workload is high, but even so, no one hesitated to stop and help me when I needed a hand. I felt supported, appreciated and part of the team. I didn't feel like "the intern", I was a genuine member of the team.
I would like to say a huge thank you to my manager, the directors and everyone in this multicultural, motivated and welcoming team. In my opinion, you've found the key to success: professionalism, service, communication and respect.
This internship was a fabulous opportunity, a springboard even, and I recommend it to everyone.

Hugues L'OFFICIAL, Furnished Lets Consultant Intern

"I worked at Lodgis from September 2002 until July 2005. I had just graduated when I joined the team, so it was my very first experience of the world of work. The team was young, enthusiastic and friendly, and fitting in was easy and felt natural. The three years I spent with Lodgis were fabulous, on both a professional and a personal level. The relaxed environment, confident atmosphere and participative management system Fabrice Petit has created mean that every staff member can contribute their intelligence and drive to develop the company. Sadly, I had to leave the agency because my partner's job moved, but I use the attitudes, values and working methods I learned during my Lodgis years every day in my current job. I have to say, I have never enjoyed working anywhere so much since!"

Pascale BERTHAULT, Lettings Consultant - Landlords

"My Lodgis internship was a great learning experience. It was the first contact I had had with the world of work and I was thoroughly trained for the role. During my internship, there was always someone to help me and explain things. Working in an international environment helped me developed my sales and linguistic skills. I gained self-confidence. I am very lucky to have been able to do my internship at Lodgis."

Jinlong LIU, Furnished Lets Consultant Intern

"I chose Lodgis because it is the leader in the field, but also because, from the first time I spoke with the CEO, I felt very close to the core values on which the company is founded: professionalism and integrity. [...] This internship was even better than I had hoped. At Lodgis, I reinforced and developed my theoretical and practical knowledge. [...] Thanks to my mentor, Agatha Torres, I have developed a real passion for sales and marketing. She helped me gain a full understanding of how an international business works on a "glocal" level. Her knowledge and personality showed me how important it is to work in a sales department at the start of a business career."
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Sarah MOLA, Furnished Lets Consultant Intern


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