How rent an apartment in France?

Frequently asked questions about furnished rental in France

  • Paris 2024 Olympics: Why Choose Monthly Apartment Rentals?

    Hotel Room, Airbnb, or Apartment Rental for Enjoying the Paris 2024 Olympics? For stays of a week or more, renting an apartment is much more advantageous...

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  • What role does Lodgis play?

    Are you planning to come and live in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux or Toulouse for professional reasons (training, being sent abroad for work…) or personal reasons (family, studies) and are wondering about what type of accommodation you should choose?

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  • How to contact Lodgis, the furnished rental apartment specialists in France ?

    A team of furnished rental specialists is at your disposal to answer all of your questions about apartment rentals in Paris in 8 different languages.

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  • How to book an apartment rental by Lodgis?

    Select the apartment that you would like to book and that is available for the dates of your stay on our website, which is updated throughout the day. The list of icons on each page shows you the equipment and services offered in each property.

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  • What is the deposit and why pay it before the rental begins?

    The deposit is a sum paid to the rental agency once all parties have signed the lease. It is deducted from the first rental payment.
    Generally, the deposit is determined by...

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  • Why pay agency fees for a furnished rental in France with Lodgis?

    Are you wondering why these agency fees exist? Lodgis has the answer!
    Lodgis is not a traditional agency. We have a very innovative business model in the furnished rentals market in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux or Toulouse to offer you the best possible client experience.

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  • What is the amount of agency fees for a furnished apartment rental and how can I pay?

    Our agency fees (inspection fees, file assembling and drafting of the lease) correspond to: 12.5 % excl tax of the total rent, and a 25€ (excl tax) application fee. The total amount is capped at 15 €/m² (incl. VAT) to which can be added 3 €/m² (incl. VAT) for property inspection / outgoing inventory.

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  • Fees and charges

    Our Agency fees are capped at 15 €/m² (incl. VAT), with a possible additionnal 3 €/m² (incl. VAT) for property inspection/outgoing inventory.
    Charges correspond to services provided by the landlord, service charges for the operating and maintenance of the building, as specified in the rental contract.

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  • What are the extra costs to plan for as well as my monthly rent?

    You should bear in mind that often energy bills (for gas or electricity) are the responsibility of the tenant. Any bills, excluding for the telephone or the internet, are always the responsibility of the tenant.

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  • What is Lodgis Best Price Guarantee?

    Lodgis is currently the only agency that offers the lowest price for your stay. If you find the same rental for a lower price at another agency, we will offer you the lowest price for your entire stay.

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  • Which documents do I need to provide to rent a furnished apartment in France ?

    With Lodgis, whatever your profile (student, professional, etc.) and whatever your nationality, you can rent a furnished apartment. Lodgis and its international team of advisors are here to help you put together a solid guarantee file, with the specific documents for your country or your situation.

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  • Security deposit

    The deposit is designed to cover any possible damages caused during your stay.If, at the end of your stay, no damages are identified, the owner will return the security deposit to you within 8 days. Otherwise, the cost of repairing any damages will be deducted from the security deposit and part (or none) of the remaining amount will be returned to you within 60 days of your departure.

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  • Visits

    Once we've assessed your requirements in detail, we can organize for you to visit 2 or 3 properties, depending on the time of year and rental type.These viewings are given by the landlord or his/her agent, usually for rentals of 3 months or more.

  • Signing the lease agreement

    To sign your lease agreement electronically all you need is internet access! To make this process easier, you will be provided with a translation of the lease agreement before you sign it. Why do I need to sign a lease agreement?

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  • What are the advantages of an electronic signature for a contract for a furnished rental?

    Are you looking for a furnished rental in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux or Toulouse but are worried about not being able to come to the agency to sign your contract and not being able to confirm your booking? Lodgis has the solution! Lodgis is currently the only agency that gives your the opportunity to sign your contract remotely with an electronic signature.

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  • As a tenant in a furnished apartment, why should I sign up for multi-risk home insurance ?

    You’ve decided to rent a furnished apartment in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux or Toulouse and then all of a sudden you find out that signing up for multi-risk home insurance is obligatory. Surprise!
    You should know that this requirement is to protect you...

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  • Arriving at the property and collecting the keys

    The keys to the property will be given to you when you arrive at the property, at the meeting time arranged with the landlord or his/her agent. This is usually between 4 pm and 8 pm. We recommend that you inform the owner of your estimated time of arrival as far as possible in advance.

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  • Vacating the property

    On the day of departure, the landlord or his/her agent will arrive at a mutually agreed time, usually between 8 am and noon. We recommend that you inform the landlord of your estimated time of departure as far as possible in advance.

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  • Extending your stay

    You may be able to extend your stay if the property is available and the landlord agrees to this. An amendment to the rental agreement will be issued to account for the extension.

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  • Early departure

    If your rental agreement allows early departure, you must provide the amount of notice which was indicated in the agreement. If your rental agreement does not allow early departure, you must honor the full term of the contract unless expressly agreed with the landlord.

  • Repairs to the property

    If repairs to the property are required, or in the event of broken / malfunctioning appliances, you must inform the landlord before calling in a tradesperson or repairman.

  • Rent assistance

    The accommodation advertised on our website is not subsidised by the government (HLM or other council housing) and therefore you will not be eligible for any type of rent assistance. If you live in France and would like more information, please contact your local CAF (Caisse d'Allocations Familiales) office.


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