Why choose a furnished rental for your business trip in Paris?

Instead of a hotel, why not choose a fully-equipped apartment!

Lodgis has a large selection of apartments ideal for business travellers who need accommodation in Paris. Whatever the purpose of your business trip - whether you are giving a seminar, exhibiting at a trade show, doing a training course or working on an assignment at a client's premises - renting an apartment is a great alternative that is worth considering. Our business traveller apartments are practical and come with everything you need to be independent and feel at home. Why should you rent an apartment instead of booking a hotel room? Read our answers below, then check out our listings and choose your apartment! We are sure one will catch your eye.

Our business trip rentals in Paris

Save money

For the same surface area, renting an apartment will nearly always be cheaper than the cost of a hotel room. And that's before taking into account the fact that you can use the kitchen to prepare meals.

Enjoy more space

For the average price of a room in a 3- or 4-star hotel in Paris, you can rent a comfortable apartment with twice the space! With wifi at no extra cost! And with privacy!

Relax while cooking a meal or enjoying your breakfast

Avoid the breakfast queue and noisy guests. Instead, enjoy the peace and quiet of an apartment. If you like, you can have your breakfast delivered to your doorstep or savour your first coffee of the day before even getting dressed...

Entertain guests

There are some days when restaurants and outdoor cafés are not the right settings for serious discussions, yet it can be uncomfortable inviting people into your hotel room. In this situation, an apartment is an ideal solution. Its privacy, space and comfort perfectly correspond to certain needs and moods.

More privacy and comfort

Don't want to run into your former supplier or future client at breakfast? Or a former colleague who still works in your field?

Group travel

Want to book shared accommodation for several colleagues and even save some money? Choose from our quality apartments with several bedrooms. We have a range of apartments with 3+ bedrooms available. Enjoy a trip with friends and colleagues while sharing great accommodation.

Want a change from the hotel you always book which is filled each year by professionals in your sector? Or maybe you just want to try something different and stay somewhere new on your trips? Rent an apartment just minutes from the trade shows you are attending and enjoy privacy and comfort during your stay.

Our business trip rentals in Paris

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