Lodgis, our clients talk about it the better...

More than 2.000 companies in France and Worldwide from all the sectors entrust us their research for furnished apartments to rent for their employees coming to Paris.

Whether you are a Start up (like Data Sciencetech Institute), a very small company (like Lansrod Consulting or Frontium Labs), a SME (like Tino Sana SARL) or a Key Account, Lodgis listens to your needs and constraints you help you the best.

Read some of our B to B clients’ testimonies:

Lodgis found us very high quality apartments which were readily available. I am very grateful that they are so responsive because we often need apartments at the last minute. The service is very simple and easy to use.

Support for our foreign employees is very important. When international staff are looking for accommodation, they need a good support service, especially those coming to France for the first time. We expect a professional service to meet all the tenant's demands for furnished rentals in Paris and the specificities of the market.

Lodgis has been able to support us and to adapt to our specific needs. The quality and the large choice of apartments allowed us to repond to the needs of our foreign associates.


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