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Here are a few articles about Lodgis that have appeared in the press, online, on television, on the radio or elsewhere.

February 2022


[VIDEO] Furnished rentals: a progressive return to normal after a decline in rents of 2.5% over one year in Paris

The pandemic has thrown a wrench in the works for seasonal rentals in Paris. Landlords have therefore decided to turn to long-term furnished rentals, which has lowered rents for these types of properties in 2021.
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December 2021


[VIDEO] Choosing furnished rentals decreases the risk of unpaid rent

According to data published by Lodgis, the expert in traditional furnished rentals, the average rate of unpaid rent for furnished rentals is 0,64%.
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SCPI, life insurance, retirement savings plans: at any age, the best investments for you

SCPI, life insurance or new retirement plans: our selection of low cost savings products that can provide stable additional income.
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Bypassing rent control, sometimes possible but very risky

In the cities where rent ceilings apply, some landlords are competing in their ingenuity to free themselves from the Prefecture's rules. At the risk of making things worse for themselves…
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November 2021


[VIDEO] Faced against new rent controls in Lyon or Villeurbanne, landlords prefer furnished rentals

While the profitability of a rental investment is eroding in the metropolis of Lyon, landlords are turning more and more to furnished rentals.
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September 2021


Alexis Alban (Lodgis) : “Our goal? To set up agencies in the 20 largest cities”

Alexis Alban, Deputy General Manager of Lodgis, the leader of the furnished rental market for mid and long term durations (one month or more), announced to Fred Haffner that he has set a goal to develop agencies in the 20 largest cities in France in the coming months. The furnished real estate market is booming, and this is just further proof!
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[VIDEO] How is the furnished rental market evolving during the 2021 school year?

This Friday, January 31st 2020, in her BFM Patrimoine column, Marie Coeurderoy received Alexis Alban, Deputy General Manager of Lodgis, to update us on the furnished rental market for the start of the 2021 school year...br>► Watch the video (in French)

Juin 2021


Location: how to manage claims?

It is impossible to pay the damage cheaply without insurance! It is also sometimes difficult to know who is responsible and who should pay.
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March 2021


One year without tourists. Due to Covid, seasonal rentals have left France's largest cities.

A year after the onset of the pandemic, owners who use Airbnb in metropolitan areas are grimacing. On the otherhand, those in smaller cities such as Annecy have never seen so many French tourists flood in.
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February 2021


The lack of tourists has lowered prices for furnished rentals in Paris and in multiple other French cities.

As a result of the pandemic, many apartments that were originally only meant to be rented for a few days at a time have returned to the rental market with traditional leases, which has drawn prices down.
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June 2020


Seasonal Rentals / The Return of Traditional Furnished Accomodations

At Lodgis, specialist in furnished rentals, we are seeing an influx of property owners who are changing their minds and turning to traditional renting. “30 to 40% of new clients that have contacted us since the start of the crisis used to rent their property on a seasonal rental platform,” explains Alexis Alban, Assistant CEO of Lodgis.
This article can be found in Le Particulier Immobilier n°375 from June 2020

May 2020


Will the crisis lower rents in Paris?

Higher supply and lower demands could drive a decrease in price in the capital. […] “All of the strategies that consisted of pricing in excess are no longer supportable” judges Alexis Alban, Assistant CEO of Lodgis, who is in charge of managing thousands of apartments in the capital.
This article can be found in the April 23, 2020 issue of the Parisien


Real Estate: “Furnished rentals will come out stronger after Covid-19”

Renting a furnished apartment? Emerging from the crisis, many property owners will choose this method or renting that is more stable and profitable, predicts the Assistant CEO of Lodgis.
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April 2020


Real Estate: How 3D has changed apartment tours

Thanks to 3D it is no longer strictly necessary to go out in order to understand the layout of an apartment.
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Coronavirus: Touristic rental sites forced to reorient and turn toward long-term leases

Apartment owners are turning toward long term renting, which can be less rentable but more stable, during the Covid-19 crisis.
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Real Estate Investment: Opt for a furnished lease, it’s much easier to rent

While the obligations of the owners are being reinforced, here is our comparative estimate of the different types of leases available.
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What to do about your real estate project

Construction sites have stopped, transaction signatures have been postponed indefinitely, receiving credits are pending: even though it seems that activity in the sector is suspended, it is still possible to move forward with your file. Our advice. […] Expert advice from Alexis Alban, Assistant CEO of Lodgis. “We recommend that everyone have a discussion in order to find common sense solutions.”
This article can be found in the Challenges from April 2, 2020

March 2020


Renting / A year after its creation, the Bail Mobilité is slowly progressing

Some investors are tempted however: “You have those who want to maximize their occupation rate and profit from the tax system that applies to short term furnished rentals and who were disappointed with Airbnb,” explains Alexis Alban, Assistant CEO of Lodgis, expert in furnished rentals in Paris. “The latter are the most numerous; those that thought seasonal touristic rentals via platforms like Airbnb would be the Holy Grail. But with regulatory constraints, the organization to receive and collect keys from hosts and the high prices of concierge services, they are disappointed. With the Bail Mobilité, they no longer need to change the formal use of their property, obtain a registration number, limit themselves to a period of 120 nights, or organize their weekly schedule around managing their property.”
This article can be found in the Figaro Magazine from March 20 – 21, 2020

February 2020


Your money: tons of property owners are choosing furnished renting

Higher rents, increased demand, a secure legal framework, attractive taxation: enough to convince owners to rent furnished accommodations.
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January 2020


[VIDEO] Marie Coeurderoy: Rental investment, more and more success for furnished rentals

On Friday January 31, 2020 in her column La vie immo, Marie Coeurderoy looked at the attraction to furnished rentals, and, in particular, traditional furnished rentals, which saw a 30% increase in this type of contract according to Lodgis…
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Real-Estate: Why Furnished Rentals are Succeeding

The attraction to furnished rentals was reinforced in 2019 in Paris for both owners and tenants. The success is due in part to the increasingly constraining rules and regulations for seasonal rentals such as Airbnb.
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Short Term Contract, Temporary Work...: What are the Housing Options for Those with Temporary Work?

[VIDEO] Alexis Alban, Assistant Director at Lodgis, explains in the "True voices/Employment" segment on Sud Radio why furnished rentals are the solution for people with temporary work contracts.
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December 2019


Airbnb: the New Rules for Renting

The rental of furnished tourist accommodations for short terms via platforms like Airbnb are becoming more and more regulated. Landlord obligations have also recently increased.
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October 2019


Short Term Renting: a New Leaf for Platforms

On Thursday, 31 October, the Official Journal published a decree obliging short term rental platforms to communicate a detailed list of rented properties with City Hall through their intermediary once a year.
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September 2019


Back-to-School, the Housing Class for Students in Paris

[VIDEO] Interviewed on the show 12/13 on France 3 Ile-de-France, Alexis Alban, Assistant Director of Lodgis, gives his advice for finding student housing for the 2019 Back-to-School Season...
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August 2019


How to Not Struggle with your Student Housing Search in Paris

20 Minutes unveils the tips from a real-estate expert for helping students to avoid difficulties during their housing search in the capital.
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July 2019


Furnished Rentals Increasingly Popular with the French

Lodgis’ 2nd 2019 Barometer, furnished rental specialist in Ile-de-France, confirms the real-estate market trends that were predicted at the beginning of the year: more and more French tenants, a slight increase in the price of rent in Paris and a confirmed success of the bail mobilité.
► More info (in French)


The Bail Mobilité, a Favorite of Landlords

[VIDEO] 6 months after its debut, the bail mobilité is a success according to furnished rental property owners. Discover an initial assessment in the Chronique Eco on Cnews.
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Rent Monitoring: I’m already exceeding the ceiling, what happens now?

Whether you are a tenant or an owner, rent monitoring can impact you even if you have already started your tenancy. Here you’ll find an explanation of what measure you can take or plan for.
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Rent Monitoring: I’m already exceeding the ceiling, what happens now?

There are multiple options available to you if your rent exceeds the fixed ceiling established by the rent management system.
► More info (in French)

April 2019


The Bail Mobilité meets with great success

The first 2019 barometer by Lodgis, furnished rental specialist in the Ile-de-France area, shows a slight rise in Parisian rents, and a very strong reception of the recently introduced Bail Mobilité, which makes up 30% of all leases signed since the beginning of the year.
► Find out more (in French)


Real estate: enjoy the current lull in rents

While housing assistance gets cut, our advice to make the best use of the new rights created by the Elan law.
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Real estate/ furnished rentals on the rise (for the moment)

It’s not looking good for landlords: while buying prices rise and reach discouraging amounts, rents are stagnating or even falling. And the situation isn’t about to improve, as the Elan law aims to reintroduce rental price caps. […] But all is not lost...
This brief comes from the 2019 issue of ‘Mieux Vivre Votre Argent’ magazine

March 2019


Good reasons to rent a furnished property

Prices for traditional rentals are rising at a slower pace than inflation, according to figures published by the Clameur observatory on Tuesday (March 26th).
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February 2019


Real estate: how much is a furnished rental in Paris?

Rental prices in Paris are slightly up in 2018, according to the latest Lodgis barometer. Is this due to the partial removal of rental caps in the capital last June?
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Airbnb: what penalties are in place for unlawful rentals?

The housing law toughens sanctions on short-term rental providers that fail to comply with new legislations on issues such as landlords abusing the system...
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Real estate rental: praise the Bail Mobilité!

The missing link between seasonal and furnished rentals, this short term contract is desined for student and professionals in mobility.
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January 2019


The tightening of the "Airbnb" regulations will boost traditional furnished rentals in Paris

Furnished rental prices have risen by 1.4% in one year. Following the tightening of regulations on properties rented via platforms such as Airbnb, the furnished rental market will be dynamic in 2019.
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December 2018


Elan law: renting, pricing, Airbnb, squats… What will change for homeowners?

REAL ESTATE – The recently introduced Elan law aims to change the housing market. Some of the measures are particularly relevant to private owners and rental investors.
► Find out more (in French)


How to rent an apartment under the Bail Mobilité

The housing law introduces a new furnished rental contract. Its name: the Bail Mobilité. Who can benefit? How do you sign up? It’s all here.
► Find out more (in French)

November 2018


Real estate rentals: the 4 major innovations for homeowners

The return of rental caps, the creation of the Bail Mobilité, the strengthening of penalties for short term tourist rentals… What you need to know.
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[VIDEO] Intégrale Placements/ Life in real estate: Furnished rental and the advantages for lessors

Interviewed by Guillaume Sommerer on the Intégrale Placements program for BFM Business, Maud Velter, Legal Director of Lodgis, tells you all about furnished rental, its profitability and the impact of the new ELAN law, including the Bail Mobilité.
► Watch the video (in French)

July 2018


Maud Velter (Lodgis) tells you about renting!

Invited by Olivier Marin to the "Clés de l'Immo" (Lefigaro Immo) program, Maud Velter, legal director of Lodgis, Paris’s furnished rental specialist, talks about renting: the Elan law and shared housing, seasonal rentals, the Bail Mobilité, student housing, etc.
► Watch the video (in French)


Furnished rentals: the gap in prices is getting smaller in Paris

In the Paris furnished rental market, prices are gradually matching up between the very centre and other arrondissements.
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June 2018


Tourist furnished rentals: is co-ownership permission necessary?

The co-ownership regulation can indeed prevent co-owners from renting out their furnished property, provided, however, that these actions are justified by the use of the building.
► Find out more (in French)


Tired of Airbnb, some landlords now prefer to opt for long term rentals

Permanent availability, schedule management, deteriorations… “This type of rental for overnight stays is proving to be a nightmare on a day to day basis”, claims one landlord.
► Find out more (in French)


Disappointment with Airbnb

Landlords are being put off by renting to tourists for the night and are opting instead for medium or long term furnished rentals.
► Find out more (in French)


Mobility lease: how is it different from a traditional lease?

The ELAN housing bill has created a new type of lease. Known as the ‘mobility lease’, it is reserved for short term furnished rentals.
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May 2018


Ambiguity and controversies surrounding the housing bill

Accessibility standards, social housing sector reforms, mobility leases, role of councillors, the Solidarity and Urban Renewal Act… The discussions which begin on Wednesday at the Assembly promise to be lively.
► Find out more (in French)


Furnished properties: only a few days left to opt for the right tax scheme

Before 18th May, landlords who rent out their furnished properties must choose between a lump sum allowance or a deduction on their actual revenue.
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Investments: how to invest in real estate whilst avoiding wealth tax

It’s still possible to invest in property without additional fiscal costs. Here are 6 possibilities which avoid the constraints of the new property tax.
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April 2018


Furnished rentals in Paris: 73% of stays are for 9 months or less

In the 1st quarter of 2018, three quarters of demands for furnished rentals received by Lodgis were made for a period of 9 months or less.
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Housing law: mixed reactions to the Elan bill created by the government

Wednesday 4th April: the minister for Regional Cohesion presented his housing law bill to ministers in the Council. Focus on certain proposals.
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Real estate: should you rent unfurnished or furnished?

Which solution is most interesting for a landlord? Returns, tax systems, constraints, charges… Each option has advantages and disadvantages…
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Mars 2018


Private furnished rentals: all the advantages

Renting out furnished properties, even privately is a commercial activity. The profits that stem from this are taxed as industrial and commercial profits (BIC) and not as property income, which is a big advantage for landlords. Here's why.
► Find out more (in French)


[VIDEO] Intégrale Placements / La vie immo : Furnished rentals are boosting rental yields

Apart from in some big cities, rent prices are falling in France. For landlords, furnished rentals are turning out to be the best solution. What are the advantages in comparison with unfurnished rentals and holiday rentals?
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AirBnB: are seasonal rentals still profitable?

The noose has tightened around short term furnished rentals for tourists in the last few months. Is this activity still profitable for those who respect all the laws and regulations?
► Find out more (in French)


In Paris, renting through Airbnb is profitable for 126 nights a year onwards

This is the threshold from which a landlord living in the capital gains more from renting through a platform like Airbnb than a traditional leasing.
► Find out more (in French)


Furnished rentals in Paris: what foreign residents are looking for

More and more foreigners are moving to Paris and choosing to rent a furnished property for their stay in the capital. But what are the expectations of these tenants?
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February 2018


Renting through Airbnb: still high returns but beware of the regulations

Restrictions are increasing for landlords in all the big cities in France.
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Does a simple pizza delivery receipt really protect squatters?

The police couldn't expel 16 squatters who were staying in the Paris region, due to a pizza delivery receipt that backed up their claim of having lived there for more than 48 hours. But what does the law say...
► Find out more (in French)

January 2018


What tax regime should you choose when renting out a furnished property?

You have until 1st February to choose the standard regime to declare your revenues from renting out a furnished property.
► En savoir plus


And if furnished rentals threatened Airbnb in Paris

Lodgis has noticed that more and more landlords are moving away from Airbnb and towards renting furnished properties. Analysis.
► Find out more (in French)


Faced with anti-Airbnb measures, furnished rentals become attractive again

Since the end of last year, the number of landlords wanting to return to renting furnished properties is on the rise again. This is partly due to the drastic measures taken by the mayor of Paris to slow down the development of tourist rentals.
► Find out more (in French)


Furnished rentals: who pays what?

Landlords who rent out furnished properties are subject to many taxes among which include a corporate property contribution (CFE) and council tax. However, the tax depends on the property being rented and the type of furnished rental.
► Find out more (in French)


Furnished rentals: the number of Parisian renters continues to increase

While the number of people renting unfurnished properties in Paris slightly declined in 2017, a Lodgis study has revealed that furnished rentals have done well for the fifth year in a row.
► Find out more (in French)


The price of furnished rentals rises in Paris

The price of furnished rentals has increased by 0.6% in a year. Rented at a price of around 37 €/m² per month, furnished appartments are most often rented by professionals or students.
► Find out more (in French)


[VIDEO] Intégrale Placements / Le Club Immo: Landlords in Paris abandon Airbnb for furnished rentals

For a few months now, landlords who rented their properties to tourists, notably through Airbnb, are returning to more traditional home leasings; according to the furnished rental experts' barometre at Lodgis...
► See the video (in French)

Décember 2017


Selling a property rented as furnished: how is capital gain on property imposed?

Capital gains realised by private landlords of furnished rentals upon selling are subject to a regime of capital gain for individuals.
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Renting platforms: how to stay within the law

Renting on Airbnb and its counterparts is an activity which is becoming more and more controlled. Nevertheless, there are some ways to maintain profitability whilst respecting the new requirements.
► Find out more (in French)

November 2017


Renting on Airbnb: Paris increases its sanctions!

From the 1st of December it will no longer be possible to put properties up for rent on renting platforms for tourists without being previously registered.
► Find out more (in French)


The tax system of renting furnished properties: the attractiveness of the real regime

Revenue from renting out a furnished property comes under the category of industrial and commercial profits (BIC). If the micro-BIC regime has the advantage of being simple, choosing the real regime is often more beneficial to the taxpayer.
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October 2017


Renting out furnished properties: the simpicity of the micro-BIC regime

Revenues from renting out properties, even occasionally, are subject to income tax, not under the category of property tax, but as industrial and commercial profits (BIC), which is fiscally more favourable...
► Find out more (in French)


Renting out furnished properties: fiscal changes in sight for 2018

The Finance law project for 2018 projects an increase in the thresholds of the micro-BIC regime. Should landlords renting out a furnished property opt for this scheme?
► Find out more (in French)


Who is renting furnished properties in Paris?

According to Lodgis' barometre, in the third trimester of 2017 the majority of people renting furnished properties in Paris were Europeans, followed by French clients.
► Find out more (in French)


Landlords: do I have to rent my property furnished?

Many landlords think that renting their apartments fully furnished will be less restrictive. What does it really mean?
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September 2017


How to go from an unfurnished rental to renting a furnished property

Are you a landlord of an unfurnished property? Has your tenant has given you their notice and you're wondering if it would be more interesting to rent a furnished apartment? Guidelines and practical advice...
► Find out more (in French)


The keys to making your property profitable

Renting a secondary residence can allow you to preserve its heritage...
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Bail Mobilité: the creation of leases between 1 and 10 months is theoretically good news

Having a lease adapted to the housing needs of a less permanent tenant while at the same time making their links with the landlord more secure is essential to maintain the appeal of our cities...
► Find out more (in French)


[VIDEO] Intégrale Placements / La vie immo: Are furnished rentals a good deal for landlords?

Furnished rentals are a lucrative market. What are the advantages of this type of investment for landlords? - With: Maud Velter, Associate Director of Lodgis
► Watch the video (in French)


Real estate: Paris, driving force for rising prices

A sharp increase in prices, major discrepencies between arrondissements and the structural weakness of the properties available: three characteristics of Paris' real estate market.
► Find out more (in French)


Housing aid for tenants: Rent prices are already falling, but landlords are not carrying out any renovations

Rent prices are already declining in the private sector, but the lack of housing maintenance is becoming worrying.
► Find out more (in French)


Your money: Furnished rentals, a trap for landlords?

Landlords are often presented with renting a furnished property as a cure-all when they rent out an apartment. However, they should avoid certain pitfalls.
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July 2017


Furnished rentals: Slight increase in rent prices in Paris

Contrary to the Parisian rental market on the whole, furnished rentals have seen their rent prices increase slightly in Paris, according to the latest Lodgis figures.
► Find out more (in French)


Furnished renals: Four reasons to invest quickly

A low risk of nonpayment, a steady income, flexible legal regulation, appealing tax rates: furnished rentals have plenty of assets!
► Find out more (in French)

June 2017


Seasonal rentals: the rules to follow

The tourist short-term furnished rental is getting more and more regulated. Here are all the steps to follow to rent out in compliance with the law.
► Find out more (in French)

Mai 2017


How to put a vacation rental on the market legally

Whether you are owner or tenant, what are the rules related to renting out or renting a tourist apartment? During "Carrefour de l'immo", Valérie Valin-Stein for Le Particulier explains it all with the help of Maud Velter, Director Associate at Lodgis.
► Find out more (in French)


Furnished rentals: eight misconceptions about tax law

Very appreciated for its beneficial taxation, the régime réel simplifié is however subjected to many misconceptions. Maud Velter, Associate Director at Lodgis, real estate agency specialized in Parisian furnished rentals, enlightens us on eight key facts.
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PROPERTY : It's still the moment to buy!

Expert opinion/ Maud Velter (Associate Director at Lodgis): "Renting out a furnished vacation apartment is interesting fiscally-wise". Owners who want to make their secondary residence profitable can rent it out from ten to thirty weeks per year. Fiscally, if the property is certified "tourist furnished rental" and if it generates less than €82 800 of income per year, the owner can apply to the régime micro-Bic and benefit from an allowance of 71% on the collected rent. Without certification, the allowance amounts 50% only as long as the income isn't higher than €33 200. Moreover, since January 1st, when the vacation rental revenues are higher than €23 000 before tax, they are considered as professional income. The owner, thus, has to become affiliated to the RSI and pay social security contribution (35% to 40% of the rents, fees deducted). Furthermore, if they have a paid employment, they can opt for the general regime of Social Security. The subscriptions are, then, calculated according to the rental income diminished by an allowance of 60 to 87% for furnished vacation rental.
Find the entire piece in the magazine Dossier Familial of May 2017

April 2017


Housing as additional income

Furnished rentals to optimize your taxes / Thanks to a lighter taxation applying to the highest rents (15% in average) the yield of a furnished rental is better than for an unfurnished one. The incomes then belong to the BIC category (industrial and commercial benefits) instead of being considered as a property income, which authorizes the tenants of furnished rentals to subtract a bigger amount of charge. “Choosing a tax regime “réel” leads to avoid paying taxes or CSC-CRDS for several years”, even says Maud Velter, director associate in Lodgis, real estate agency specialized in furnished rentals in Paris and its area. Internet simulators, in particular from jedeclaremonmeuble.com, allow to understand better the fiscal interest of the formula. “In Paris, furnished properties' rents remained steady for 4 consecutive years (around €37/month per sqm excluding tax in 2016), this continuity shows that rent control didn't have a significant impact on the price variation, thus turning the furnished rental into a particularly interesting investment”, adds Maud Velter. On top of that, the legal regime of furnished rentals offers the possibility to quickly get the property back to accommodate a child or to sell it because of financial needs. However, please note that requests for furnished rentals concentrate in big cities and university centers. Moreover, “fidgety” tenants, your management will have to be more dynamic.
Retrouvez l'intégralité de ce dossier Immobilier dans le magazine Que Choisir d'avril 2017


Who are the tenants of furnished rentals in Paris?

Students aren't the only ones to choose furnished rentals. Some professionals rent it too. What type of apartment do they rent and how much does it cost? Which neighborhoods do they prefer? The Figaro Immobilier answers your question.
► Find out more (in French)

March 2017


Seasonal rentals: all the information you need to succeed

Every now and then, you would like to rent out your principal residence while surfing on Airbnb's success or monetize your secondary residence? Find all the information to avoid inconvenience...
► Find out more (in French)


Everything an owner needs to know about furnished rentals

It can be difficult to get back to live in a rental property. Which fosters many private individuals, if the local market is flourishing, to opt for furnished rentals. In the private rental stock, it represented 9,5% in 2012 against 3,6% in 1982 according to the Insee.
► Find out more (in French)


Three years later, feedback on the harmful effects of the Alur law

Three years have passed since the implementation of Mars, 24th 2014's law. The 177 articles' text, develops a real legislative arsenal aiming at revolutionizing the estate market. Indeed, the Alur law's ambition was to improve the dealings between owners and tenants and to favor the access to a proper and affordable dwelling. In the case of furnished rentals, what are the consequences of this “legal tsunami”? How to find its bearings in this stream of rules? And above all, how to reintroduce a balance between lessors and tenants?
► Find out more (in French)


Property/Owners, here is what you need to know about furnished rentals

Many people prefer the classical lease. However, you need to take your precautions to avoid being disappointed […] “In Paris, the clientele of our furnished properties constitutes a third of French tenants, a third of Europeans and a third of non-Europeans. Our tenants stay 11 months on average”, underlines Maud Velter, director associate in Lodgis, agency specialized in this sector. Please think to check if renting out a furnished accommodation is authorized in the co-ownership, it's not always the case. By signing a lease for a furnished apartment, the owner commits for a year only, automatically renewable (9 months if the tenant is a student), whereas it's three years for unfurnished rentals. Moreover, at the end of the “furnished property lease”, he can ask the tenant to leave in order to accommodate a parent (descendant and forebear) or sell it. And the tenant doesn't get – contrarily to unfurnished rentals- a priority right to buy. Other flexibility: the notice period to expel the tenant is limited to three months before the end of the lease against six months for unfurnished rentals.
Find the entire piece of this release in the 03/22/17 Figaro edition

February 2017


Furnished rentals, parkings, SCPI... these estate investments considered as still very juicy

While the rates of most investments remain lifeless, real estate makes the difference with yields going up to 8% before tax. Under the condition, of course, to make the right choices. Our advice.
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Rent controls implemented in Lille despite the professionals discontent

Coming into force, February 1st, the measure concerns inner Lille and its two connected boroughs, Hellemmes and Lomme, that is to say the heart of the Flandres' Capital...
► Find out more (in French)

Juanary 2017


Furnished rental: should you join the régime réel before February, 1st?

If you are renting out a furnished property, you only have a few days left to change your fiscal option. This could be interesting...
► Find out more (in French)


Rents for Parisian furnished accommodation are stabilizing

In Paris, the furnished rental market suffered from a decrease in foreign customers in 2016, given the safety context particularly tensed, according to a survey led by Lodgis...
► Find out more (in French)


[VIDEO] Intégrale Placements: Rents for Parisian furnished properties remain steady

Maud Velter, Lodgis Associate Director (expert in furnished rentals in Paris) presents the Lodgis barometer for furnished rentals in 2016 and takes this opportunity to review this market (benefits, tax system, etc.)
► Find out more (in French)

Décember 2016


Real Estate Dossier/ from 3 to 8% yield: Beware of the price hike reducing the stone profitability

Generalized restart! Indeed, 2016 witnessed the estate investors' return [..] That's the other alternative more and more popular, instead of non-furnished rentals: the short-term rentals, like Airbnb, to tourists, is considered more beneficial since not subjected to rent controls. Is it really sure though? Not always, as shows our comparative table above, except if one's decide to handle directly it's management. "But it requires time; around five to six hours per rental", warns Maud velter, Associate Director in Lodgis, specialized in furnished rentals. To make a comparison, we, of course, considered that the landlord was following the rules, and thus, that in Paris, he didn't only asked for the authorization to change in use of his property but also purchased the “merchantability security”, invoiced from 300 to 3000 euros per square meters depending on the arrondissement. The short-term rental is more attractive in region where the rules aren't as strict. "The authorization of property-use change is free. Even if it can be turned down for surfaces exceeding 100 square meters", says Maud Velter.
The entire piece is available in the January 2016 edition of the magazine Capital


The advantages of renting a furnished property

Tackling the issues of mobility and rapidly changing lifestyles, renting a furnished property is an increasingly popular solution to finding accommodation. According to figures from l'Insee (the French national institute for statistical and economic studies), the percentage of furnished properties in the rental stock increased from 3.6% in 1982 to 9.5% in 2012. This option is especially popular with those on work assignments and with French and international students looking for a place to stay in large university cities. For owners who rent a fully equipped property, the furnished rental market is also a great financial opportunity. Thanks to the lower tax burden on high rental incomes, the yields are superior to those of unfurnished rentals. Furthermore, the tax regime that applies to furnished rentals offers greater flexibility in terms of property management. However, in order to make the right decision, it's important to consider some key points before opting for this type of rental.
This entire piece is available in the December 2016 edition of the magazine 25 Millions de Propriétaires


The profiles of furnished rental owners in Paris

The real estate agency Lodgis has carried out a survey on furnished rental landlords in the capital. The study focusses on their profiles, motivations and rental practices...
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Furnished rentals: the harmful effects of the loi Alur

The loi Alur has placed greater constraints on renting out a furnished property. How are Parisian landlords responding to this? A study carried out by the real estate agency Lodgis brings you the answers...
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Short-term furnished rentals: another blow to landlords

Those investing in a rental apartment by the sea, in the mountains or in a big city have incurred the wrath of French legislators. This year, there have been further rulings targeting multi-property landlords who don't pay tax on their rental incomes...
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Furnished rentals: should you be contributing to the RSI? (French social security scheme for independant traders and freelancers)

The Social Security Act for 2017, which was approved on December 5th, is imposing a new tax on revenue from the shared economy of furnished rentals via internet platforms. Some landlords will now be required to pay into the social security scheme for independant traders and freelancers (RSI)...
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November 2016


The Housing File: how can landlords work around the rental caps?

The Rental Reference Index varies based on the type of property (furnished/unfurnished), the neighbourhood, the size of the property and when it was built. You can find all of the Rental Reference Indices on the website encadrementdesloyers.gouv.fr. NB: the Rental Reference Index and the Rental Increase Index must be indicated on the leasehold agreement. As a landlord, you can impose additional charges (''un complément de loyer'') – meaning that, in practice, you can add up to 20% to the Reference Index, if the property is in a desirable location, includes extra features or added comforts that warrant doing so. ''In a furnished property, the range and quality of equipment can, for example, be taken into account,'' explains Maud Velter, legal counsel at the real estate agency Lodgis. In this instance, a reason for the additional charges must be explicitly stated on the leasehold agreement.
You can access the full piece in Le Particulier for December 2016.


Real estate: where to invest in Paris?

Here we go again! After a 2015 of mixed fortunes with ''wait and see'' property seekers, 2016 has seen a surge in demand for real estate in Paris 'intra-muros'. ''Since the start of the year, we've witnessed a shift in the mentalities of buyers. Currently, they are desperate to buy, and to do so quickly'', says Mathias Ramsbott, Sales Director at Lodgis...
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October 2016


In Paris, rents for furnished properties are moving downwards

According to a recent barometer, rents for furnished properties in Paris' central arrondissements have fallen by 1.7% year-on-year. This is thought to be linked to security...
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Are maids' rooms (chambres de bonne) profitable?

Mainly found in Paris, notably in the 16th arrondissement, chambres de bonne are 85% occupied . And the majority of these rentals don't respect the rental cap law...
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Real Estate: the noose is tightening around Airbnb

Seasonal rental market is affecting the hotel business and upsetting local communities. But here comes the counterattack...
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Foreigners are put off furnished rentals in Paris

With furnished property rents down 0.3% year-on-year in the third quarter of 2016, prices in Paris are very slightly lower according to Lodgis' figures for 2016...
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Lodgis is renting and selling apartments with the help of virtual tours

The series of calls and visits involved in finding a real estate property can be tiresome. The Parisian agency Lodgis simplifies this task by creating 360° captures of properties that allow customers to visit them virtually.
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The 3D virual visits are gaining ground

[...] The 3D visit has not yet fully taken off. But companies are already offering virtual tours by means of 360° photographs or films. The Parisian real estate agency, Lodgis, recently began offering 3D virtual tours, which are available using a headset or smartphone. These tours allow customers to visit a future apartment without leaving their homes.
This news story is available in the 06/10/2016 edition of le 20 minutes


Special placements/The art of diversification

These rentals (furnished rentals) are currently in fashion because they attract a large professional clientele (diplomats and businessmen on assignments). These customers are all looking for a comfortable temporary home to move into straightaway: « Such a property needs to be well-located (within close proximity of the central and historical districts) and should be fully equipped' », says Maud Velter, legal counsel at Lodgis.
This piece can found in 05/10/2016 edition of L'Express

September 2016


Real Estate Special / Investment / What rental property for the greatest return?

If you rent out your property via Airbnb, the fees can amount to 30% of income. « Lots of landlords find themselves disappointed by Airbnb and are switching to the traditional furnished rental business », explains Maud Velter, legal counsel at Lodgis. As soon as you step outside the tourist districts, an Airbnb rental loses it's appeal as there are frequent periods without tenants.
This piece is available in the 10/09/2016 edition of L'Obs Supplément


The Rental Market / The rent caps : what next?

Furnished rentals are capped but at a higher level based on the Act n°2015 981 passed on July 31st 2015. This sets out the 11 pieces of equipment required for a furnished rental. « Anything on top of this can, therefore, be used to justify a rent supplement (complément de loyer). In such a case, landlords should not hesitate to apply this » explains Maud Velter, legal counsel at Lodgis (a real estate agency specialising in furnished rentals).
The full article is available in September's edition of the magazine Intérêts Privés

August 2016


The rental caps in Paris: setting the records straight

The rental caps in Paris have now been in effect for over a year. It's time to take stock: has this beacon measure of the loi ALUR delivered on its promises?
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June 2016


Furnished rental landlords: how to apply a rental supplement

"Landlords who rent out their furnished apartments are naturally concerned by the rental caps placed on primary residence contracts (when the property rented is the tenant's primary residence), but also on all long-term furnished rental contracts. However, they are not always fully clued up on the rules'", says Maud Velter, legal counsel at Lodgis. The real estate agency specialising in furnished rentals in Paris has created an infographic that explains how the rental caps are calculated for this type of rental.
► Find out more (in French)

May 2016


PROPERTY (SPECIAL EDITION) / Macron Law: significant adjustments...

Is it now easier to justify charging additional rent? [...] According to Lodgis, the Parisian furnished lets specialist, if a tenant considers a service or item of equipment not on the list from the 31 July 2015 decree as a priority, it could in theory justify additional rent. Examples include a Wi-Fi connection, a dishwasher, a television or even a home cinema.
Read the full report on pages 51 to 53 of the May 2016 Property special edition of Particulier Immobilier


Property: Get a feel for a house or flat in record time with a 360° walk-through experience

Lodgis, the Parisian estate agency, is now offering virtual tours of the properties for sale on its books. This service will soon be extended to cover lets.Try out the virtual walk-through tours today and step right into your new home!
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April 2016


The difficult business of coaching / Is "coach" set to become an in-house role?

Coach and trainer Sophie Oubraham is a permanent employee of Lodgis (a Parisian estate agency specializing in furnished lets). [...] It is rare for a coach to be offered a permanent contract. Is this another way we will see the profession develop in the future? "It's quite unusual. Generally, companies prefer to work with independent coaching firms, especially businesses like Lodgis, which has 65 staff." Could this be a new direction? "The market has changed. These days, coaching covers all areas. I think we will see businesses using coaching more and more in the future." Sophie has been recruited to work on sales performance and staff well-being.
Read this article in full on page 67 of the May 2016 edition of Courrier Cadres


[VIDEO] La Vie Immo: Is a furnished let a good choice?

In today's world, with people moving around more and more, a furnished let is a safe and above all profitable investment. This type of transaction offers numerous advantages for property owners, with its favorable tax regime and flexible contracts. Is this really the best buy-to-let option? How is rental income from a furnished let declared? Maud Velter, Associate Director of Lodgis, has the answers in the Thursday 21 April 2016 edition of "Intégrale Placements", presented by Guillaume Sommerer.
► See the video (in French)


Furnished let rents remain stable in Paris

According to Lodgis, furnished let rents in Paris stabilised during the first three months of 2016. As well as tourists, furnished lets in the capital also attract company staff and students. Consequently, this type of accommodation is a safe bet for landlords...
► Find out more (in French)


Parisian furnished lets attract two types of tenant

The French capital is more than just a top tourist destination. It also attracts company staff on temporary assignment on client sites and students in the city for a few months. Furnished lets are a great fit for a variety of situations...
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Will rent controls soon be extended to the Ile-de-France region?

Could the Ile-de-France region be next after Paris? The Housing Ministry suggested last week that rent controls could be extended to cover the Paris metropolitan area around two years from now...
► Find out more (in French)


Housing: Hollande extends the Pinel scheme for a year

Although the scheme has been welcomed, there is concern over the idea that rent controls could be extended to cover the Ile-de-France region. [...]Maud Velter, Associate Director of Lodgis, the Parisian furnished lets specialist, has gone further: "This announcement is being made primarily for effect, because one thing is for sure: in reality, rent controls have not made it easier for people to find places to live."
Read this article in full on page 22 of the 9-10 April 2016 edition of Le Figaro

March 2016


Staff well-being is a priority for Lodgis

Parisian furnished lets estate agency Lodgis has recently recruited a coach and trainer to improve sales performance and boost staff well-being at work. We take a look at the initiatives that are running in the company, where people are a priority...
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February 2016


Furnished-let landlords: do you know the conditions for charging additional rent?

Lodgis, the Parisian furnished lets specialist, and SeMeubler.com, the furniture, domestic appliance and multimedia rental pioneer, have joined forces to give us their ideas regarding additional rent...
► Find out more (in French)


Is a change in the tax treatment of furnished let incomes set to turn the market on its head?

An intergovernmental panel is said to be aiming to reduce the tax advantages granted to furnished lets, in particular by reducing the differential compared to unfurnished lets. But will this strategy be successful?
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January 2016


Rental property: in 2016, which solutions are still winners, and which are best avoided?

For tomorrow's property investors, prospects are looking bleaker. Prices of existing properties have already stopped falling in Toulouse, Lyon, Bordeaux, Grenoble and Angers. Worse still, new-build prices remain high. And rents are falling pretty much everywhere. But there's no cause for panic...
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The shortcomings of unpaid rent insurance

Unpaid rent insurance covers rent and service charges when a tenant defaults. "We recommend this type of insurance to landlords who depend on their rental income. So long as you choose your policy wisely, it's a good bet" explains Maud Velter, Associate Director of estate agency Lodgis... 
► Find out more (in French)


Furnished let rents in Paris are stable for the 3rd year running

Lodgis published its 2015 Paris furnished lets survey on Wednesday. Rents in the capital remained stable during the year, but there is growing demand from Asian countries... 
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Rents stable for furnished lets in Paris

While data at the end of November from Observatoire Clameur showed 2015 rents in the capital down 1.3%, the furnished lets survey from specialized estate agency Lodgis recorded a 0.63% rise in furnished let rents during the year... 
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The importance of inspections

Often, the landlord or their representative will complete the start-of-tenancy inspection form and give it to the tenant when they take possession of the empty property. The tenant will then annotate, complete and correct the document, in the presence of the landlord. They will both inspect the property in detail, and discuss their impressions. "Tenants and landlords (or their representatives) need to discuss the condition of the property so that they all agree with what is written on the inspection form" says Maud Velter, Associate Director, Lodgis. "If the parties cannot come to an agreement, they can ask a huissier (legal official) for assistance".
Read this article in full on pages 37 to 43 of the January 2016 edition of Particulier Immobilier

December 2015


Lodgis wins a 2015 FNAIM VIP trophy!

Lodgis, a Parisian agency specializing in furnished rentals, has recently been awarded a 2015 FNAIM VIP trophy. The aim of these awards is to raise the profile of property professionals and highlight outstanding actions and initiatives... 
► Find out more (in French)


Buy-to-let investment in older properties dragged down by rent controls

Rents are continuing to fall in France. In Paris, rent controls are weighing on the rental market for older properties... 
► Find out more (in French)

November 2015


Property & innovation: Lodgis and GNC have been selected for the "Reinventing Paris" call for projects

Paris Council has launched a call for innovative urban projects entitled "Reinventing Paris". The aim is to rethink housing at 23 Parisian locations currently either abandoned or in need of new inspiration. Lodgis teamed up with GNC to take part in the contest, with a proposal for the renovation of a town house at 29, Avenue de Villiers (Paris 17). The proposal has been short-listed by Paris Council for the third and final round of the competition... 
► Find out more (in French)


Renting to tourists legally

Some landlords transform commercial buildings in order to rent accommodation on Airbnb without breaking the law. In Paris, to rent out a second home on Airbnb, the law now requires landlords to submit a change of use form and register the accommodation as a commercial property... 
► Find out more (in French)

October 2015


Managers, learn to juggle different nationalities

While diversity is generally a source of value, it can often be complex to manage. To prevent cultural differences from creating a nightmare, you'll need a few tricks up your sleeve... 
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Parisian furnished let rents continue on their upward trend

Furnished lets specialist Lodgis says prices are up 1.27% since last year, but it is too early to judge the effects of rent controls on prices... 
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September 2015


Markets / Property - What is the best property investment from a wealth management point of view?

[Extract] Investors choosing to let their property furnished can expect to charge higher rents than if they let unfurnished, and there are also tax advantages. Maud Velter, Associate Director and Legal Director of Lodgis, the Parisian furnished lets specialist, explains the three major advantages of furnished lets: "There is real demand for furnished lets in major cities, where the market for this type of accommodation has widened. Previously, most tenants in furnished lets were students, but today we're also seeing managers on temporary posting, consultants and, in Paris, divorcees. Secondly, there is less risk of unpaid rents, because the type of tenants that rent furnished properties are less exposed to unexpected personal issues. The third advantage is the way furnished let income is taxed. Under the actual income and expenditures regime, you can offset against tax any expense which you can substantiate, including depreciation on the value of the property. This is extremely advantageous for investors.
Read this article in full on pages 4 to 7 of the supplement to the 28/09/15 edition of Option Finance magazine


Housing benefit, rent and more - everything you need to know about furnished lets

Over the last few years, furnished lets have become a popular option in cities. But there are a few things to be aware of before you sign on the dotted line...
► Find out more (in French)


Student lodgers bring tax exemptions!

More and more people are taking lodgers, and students in particular. Both parties benefit: the student pays less for their accommodation and the landlord's rental income is tax exempt in some cases. However, as this type of let does not have a specific legal status of its own, caution is vital. Here is some advice and feedback, including a contribution from Maud Velter, Associate Director of Lodgis, the Parisian furnished lets specialist.
The full report is available on pages 46-50 of the September 2015 edition of Le Particulier Immobilier magazine


Rent controls in Paris, or why your neighbour across the street may pay up to 50% less rent than you

Rent controls are now in force in the French capital, and the city is braced for numerous illogical situations - and some complicated court cases...
► Find out more (in French)


Parisian rent control rules

Rent controls came into force in Paris on 1 August 2015. What are the new rules? What do you need to do to ensure the rent you are setting is legal?
► Find out more (in French)


6 ways of optimising the return on your buy-to-let investment

Lower prices have had a welcome side effect: higher yields. Certain options offer significantly higher returns than a standard let...
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August 2015


Teams / Juggling different nationalities

While diversity is generally a source of value, it can often be complex to manage. To prevent cultural differences from creating a nightmare, you'll need a few tricks up your sleeve... [...] Treat people as individuals / Guard against making clichés and judgements! Saying that Germans hate being interrupted or that the British use meetings to make decisions and don't engage in idle chitchat is an overly simplistic approach to cultural differences. Lodgis is an estate agency with a team of 60 staff spanning a dozen different nationalities, not to mention an international clientele. In the company, individualized management is key, as Operations Director Sabine Orion explains, "In meetings, we watch out for any subtle sign that someone hasn't understood, and then we clarify things one-on-one."
Read this article in full on pages 88 to 89 of the September 2015 edition of Management magazine


How rent controls are dragging down the furnished lets market in Paris

Rent controls came into force in Paris on 1 August 2015. They cover both furnished and unfurnished lets. Given that the measure was designed to cater for unfurnished lets, its blanket application across the market is penalising furnished lets.
► Find out more (in French)


Dealing with a non-paying tenant

As a landlord, you feel powerless when a tenant fails to pay the rent. The law offers little support, and the procedures are long and costly. Here are our tips to help you confront the situation and win!
► Find out more (in French)

July 2015


Rent controls - tenants lose out

With rent controls set to come into force in Paris in a few days' time, things are getting heated as an increasing number of estate agents criticize the illogical situations created by the law. Landlords are investigating the legal avenues open to them...
► Find out more (in French)


What is the best way to manage a furnished let?

One of the aims of the ALUR law on access to housing and urban renovation was to appease relationships between landlords and tenants. With the law now over a year old, Associate Director Mathias Velter from Lodgis has some great "best practice" tips for letting furnished accommodation...
► Find out more (in French)


Furnished lets: rents up slightly in Paris

According to Lodgis, the second quarter of 2015 saw rents for furnished lets in Paris up 1.5% on a year earlier...
► Find out more (in French)


Property: furnished let rents back on an upward trend

Rents are falling - but not for everyone. In Paris, furnished let rents are back on an upward trend. We've taken a closer look at this unexpected phenomenon...
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Making your property work for you

A house that you no longer live in all year doesn't have to be a financial deadweight. You can even let it furnished as a source of income or use it to travel cheaply [...] Temporary let agreements normally stipulate a three-month term at the minimum, as is the case at Lodgis. "By law, furnished lets are always for a period of one year or less," Matthias Velter explains. Legally, if the rental period is less than a year, the landlord and tenant can decide the notice period to be set in the contract [...], but at Lodgis we use the same one-month notice period that is set by law for a one-year contract."
Read this article in full on pages 40 to 42 of the June 2015 edition of Intérêts Privés

Juin 2015


Student accommodation in Paris

As the summer holidays approach, thousands of French and foreign students prepare to leave their parents' homes to embark on courses at Paris's prestigious colleges and universities...
► Find out more (in French)


Rules for investing in peer-to-peer rentals

Renting out your house or apartment is a growing phenomenon, and plenty of people are keen to get in on the act. In Paris, the council estimates that between 25,000 and 30,000 flats are used purely as holiday rentals...
► Find out more (in French)


[Supplement] Rent controls are coming to Paris

"I think it's outrageous. It's as if we're telling people that with the law behind them, they're going to be able to rent a home. But the apartments will still go to the tenants with the highest incomes and the best guarantees," Maud Velter tells us...
Read this article in full on pages 14 to 16 of the June 2015 edition of Supplément de L'Obs


Property: make your home work for you by renting it out during the holidays

There are more and more websites offering vacation rentals. Nevertheless, there are strict rules to be obeyed. Are you allowed to let or sublet your accommodation? How much can you charge? What authorisations and insurance do you need? Full details here!
► Find out more (in French)

May 2015


Rentals management for landlords - our tips to help you avoid rent defaults

Rent default is high on the list of landlords' concerns. However, just 2 to 2.5 % of rents went unpaid in 2013 according to an impact study for the ALUR law on access to housing and urban renovation...
► Find out more (in French)


Furnished lets: today is the last day to register for the income and expenditure tax regime

Furnished rentals landlords have until today, Friday 15 May, to opt to have their furnished let rental income taxed under the actual income and expenditure regime...
► Find out more (in French)


Airbnb landlords - what exactly are you allowed to do?

With peer-to-peer accommodation rental websites booming, there are plenty of would-be landlords looking to get in on the act. But returns are not as high as they might appear, and it's a big commitment...
► Find out more (in French)

April 2015


Tax returns / Don't forget your furnished let!

The tax filing process for 2014 income began on 15 April. Lodgis, the Parisian furnished lets specialist estate agency launched jedeclaremonmeuble.com three years ago, to help furnished-let landlords declare their rental income. The aim is to encourage them to choose the actual income and expenditure regime rather than the set allowance option.
This bulletin appeared on page 50 of the 30 April 2015 edition of Valeurs Actuelles


The falling dollar puts pressure on furnished let rents in Paris

According to Lodgis, furnished let rents increased slightly (up 1.3%) during the first quarter of 2015...
► Find out more (in French)


Pinel or furnished let: which is the best investment?

The advantages of the furnished lets tax regime / In France, furnished lets fall under the industrial and commercial revenues tax regime. Often, the depreciation offset means revenues are tax-exempt. [...] Another major difference compared to Pinel law investments: in older buildings, the rental period is shorter (one year) and there are no specific requirements as regards tenant profile or even the rent. In addition, "the accommodation must be let furnished, whereas under the Pinel law it is always unfurnished. Because rents in furnished lets are higher, the return on them is 20 to 30% higher than it would be for the same property rented unfurnished," according to Maud Velter, Associate Director of Lodgis.com.
This article appeared on page 13 of the 10/11 April 2015 edition of Echos Patrimoine

March 2015


Renting out your second home - not so simple

The average second home is occupied for just six weeks every year. Given the initial investment (between €1.36m and €3.7m on the Atlantic coast according to a study by the notaires of Brittany, published on 31 March) and running expenses, it is not surprising so many second-home owners are renting out their properties to cover some of the costs...
► Find out more (in French)


Long-term furnished lets - a good option

For the landlord, a long-term furnished let "is more flexible, and means you can take the property back at the end of the one-year rental period," explain Maud Velter, Associate Director of Lodgis. [...] "In an ideal location, a furnished let will bring in a 5 to 15% premium over the unfurnished rent," explains Maud Velter...
The full article is available on page 96 of the March 2015 edition of Challenge magazine


[VIEWPOINT] Appeasing relationships between landlords and tenants

One of the aims of the ALUR law on access to housing and urban renovation was to appease relationships between landlords and tenants. With the law now almost a year old, Associate Director Mathias Velter from Lodgis gives us some "best practice" tips for letting furnished accommodation...
► Find out more (in French)

February 2015


Property / Furnished let rentals are rising (for now)

According to the Lodgis rents survey, furnished let rents in Paris are up 4.46% on a year ago in the fourth quarter of 2014. Landlords may have increased rents to compensate for the higher proportion of agency fees falling to them since tenants' expenses were capped. How the situation will evolve in 2015 remains to be seen.
The full article is available on page 20 of the March 2015 edition of Mieux Vivre Votre Argent magazine


Figures / €35.40 per sqm pcm

This was the average price of a furnished let in Paris in 2014. According to the Clameur survey, rent on an unfurnished property was €25.30 per sqm (October 2014). Source: Lodgis Paris furnished lets survey 2014.
The full article is available on page 10 of the March 2015 edition of Le Particulier


Furnished lets: what will change in 2015?

As a furnished let landlord, you can declare your rental income under the set allowance regime or the actual income and expenditure regime, which is generally more beneficial...
► Find out more (in French)

January 2015


Le Point this week / Your money / Furnished-let landlords: you have just a few days left to reduce your tax bill

Would you want to pay too much tax? That's exactly what many landlords of furnished properties are doing. When a landlord's rental income is less than €32,900, they are automatically taxed under the set allowance scheme. After a 50% allowance for costs, their rental income is added to the rest of their income and taxed at the appropriate rate for their tax band (45% for the highest earners). However, there is an alternative tax regime - actual income and expenditure. According to Maud Velter, Associate Director of Lodgis, a Parisian estate agency specialising in furnished lets, "it is more advantageous in 85% of cases. Some rental incomes are tax exempt for around ten years." How does this work? Under the income and expenditure regime, all costs can be offset for tax purposes. These include notaire's fees, building work, mortgage interest and depreciation on furniture. Often, these costs exceed the 50% set allowance. "This is an excellent option for 100% of landlords buying a property to rent furnished. It can be less advantageous if the property was previously let unfurnished and there is no work to be done." A simulator is available online to help landlords choose the best regime.
Read this bulletin on page 28 of the 29/01/2015 edition of Le Point


Furnished let landlord? Change your tax regime and save money

As a furnished let landlord, you can declare your rental income under the set allowance regime or the actual income and expenditure regime, which is generally more advantageous...
► Find out more (in French)


Renting out a holiday let

Renting furnished accommodation to tourists has many advantages. However, the rules are stricter since the ALUR law came into force...
► Find out more (in French)


Urban planning / Property / Le Point this week / Stability

Furnished let rents in Paris increased just 0.17% in 2014, after a 0.36% rise in 2013, according to a survey by Lodgis. The agency has seen a fall in the number of Russian tenants (due to the crisis in Ukraine and the devaluation of the rouble).
Read this bulletin on page 21 of the 16/01/2015 edition of Le Point

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