Protect your rental income with the unpaid rent warranty (GLI) Lodgis

Lodgis offers you an Unpaid Rent Warranty (GLI) to protect you against late or unpaid rent!
This ensures that you receive your rent every month on the same date.

The « + » of the GLI Lodgis:

  • it's one of the least expensive on the market: only 3% of the rent, all taxes included
  • it's the only GLI on the market available without the need for exclusive rental or management of the property
  • payment of rent from the 1st day of delay, with no payment deadline
  • it applies to all Lodgis tenant dossiers, with no additional selection constraints

Unbeatable warranty conditions!


all procedural costs


in the event of damage to property

What’s more?
With Lodgis, you already benefit from the expertise of our teams in selecting secure tenant files. Therefore, our GLI applies to all files without any additional examination.

Why subscribe an Unpaid Rent Warranty (GLI)?


Example of unpaid rent
for a rent of € 1,000 CC/month


Duration of the covering procedure 2 years on average

24 unpaid months, i.e. € 24,000

Bailiff's fees: € 2,000

Lawyer's fees: € 600


Rents collected in 2 years: € 0

For a total cost of € 26,600


Example of unpaid rent
for a rent of € 1 000 CC/month


No steps to be taken at the owner's expense

100% of the rent paid from the first day of delay

3% rate incl. taxes of the amount of the rental charges included


Rents collected in 2 years: € 24,000

For a total cost of € 720


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