As a tenant in a furnished apartment, why should I sign up for multi-risk home insurance ?

You’ve decided to rent a furnished apartment in Paris and then all of a sudden you find out that signing up for multi-risk home insurance is obligatory. Surprise !
You should know that this requirement is to protect you.
If an accident occurs in your home in France, either the tenant or the landlord are held responsible. For this reason both should be independently insured.

Is the insurance covering my usual residence enough to protect me during my stay in a furnished apartment in Paris?
It’s possible. But if you’re not French, you should bear in mind that its the French law that will be applicable in the event of litigation during your stay in a furnished rental in Paris and your contract may not cover you properly. In this case you should get written confirmation from your insurer.
If you’re French, you most likely have « vacation » coverage, although this is often limited in length and value.

Is my « Civil Responsability » coverage enough to protect me during my stay in a furnished rental in Paris?
No. This coverage concerns events occuring between you and third parties (article 1382 of the civil code). But the relationship between the tenants and the landlords of furnished apartments are determined by totally different articles (article 1732 of the civil code.)

If I sign up for insurance, why should I pay a security deposit to the landlord of the furnished apartment that I’m renting?
Because multi-risk home insurance doesn’t cover certain damages (broken crockery, broken electrical appliances due to the tenant...), as well as certain bills that are your own responsability (electricity, telephone, cleaning).

Need to subscribe to home insurance?
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