What role does Lodgis play, an agency specialised in furnished rentals in Paris ?

Are you planning to come and live in Paris for professional reasons (training, being sent abroad for work…) or personal reasons (family, studies) and are wondering about what type of accommodation you should choose?
Renting a furnished apartment is the ideal solution for your stay in Paris! You could enjoy an apartment that’s ready to move into for more privacy and independence…

But are you wondering what time of apartment you should choose, which neighborhood to live in and how much you’ll spend?

This is when you need Lodgis before you rent a furnished apartment in Paris!

Lodgis is an agency that specializes in furnished rentals in Paris and its mission is to:

1/ Offer you a large choice of furnished apartments to rent, all verified, visited and carefully selected.

2/ Help you in your hunt for a furnished apartment and help you work out what you’re looking for, depending on your needs and the Parisian real estate market:

3/ Find the perfect furnished apartment for you

4/ Organize visits to furnished apartments if you want

5/ Help you to put together the best rental file possible to give to the landlord so that they accept it

6/ Put together the best contract for the furnished rental between you and the landlord (Résidence principal lease contact, bail mobilité, etc.), so that you electronically sign the contract remotely (find out more about the electronic signature). The contract for your furnished apartment is written by a lawyer to secure your rights and is translated into your own language so that you can completely understand your commitments, rights and obligations.

Lodgis’s role is to guide your through your search for the ideal furnished apartment and to put you into contact with the landlord.
The Lodgis team is also at your disposal during and after your stay in a furnished apartment in Paris to advise you if you need help.

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