Lodgis, the leader in the French furnished rental market, positions itself as a real competitor with their property management services

[26/08/2012] The French are choosing furnished rentals more and more often: nearly 50% of Lodgis’ tenants in 2020 were French (compared to 36% in 2019). Based on this trend and the growing need for solutions adapted to new housing uses, Lodgis is growing by offering multiple rental property management offers so that each property owner can chose, in full transparency, the option that is best adapted to their needs.

Rental property management: Lodgis, a property management competitor

Lodgis has spent multiple years reflecting over the support offered to property owners and has rethought their offers. New needs were brought to light during the health crisis concerning real estate management: delegation of the furnishing of the property, the need to facilitate the inventory of fixtures, the handing over of keys and the maintenance of the property while offering different levels of rental management and new à la carte services. All of this with more visibility on interventions and at competitive prices.

Lodgis’ objective: to respond to new expectations from our property owners with clear property management offers that are personalized and without hidden fees so that the owners can easily compare with existing offers on the market.

Lodgis, present in Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, and Bordeaux, offers three property management options, whereas most of the other actors in the market only tend tooffer one. Lodgis is positioned as a competitor with management offers for property owners: "he key word for Lodgis in our reflection around these offers is clarity", explains Alexis Alban. "The variety of our offers makes it possible to study the various offers available on the market, to compare them in detail and to identify the one that best meets their needs. We want owners to understand what they're paying, why they're paying, what's behind a fee. We are the only ones on the market to offer them three levels of rental management adapted to their needs and their budget. For us, it is about putting in perspective the value of the real estate agency’s work as the only expert capable of providing good support to owners in the management of their property. Beyond the marketing which allows the owner to keep control of the management of their property, we rely more than ever on our digital DNA to bring our expertise to owners."

New offers and personalized services: Lodgis accompanies their property owners through each step of their rental management

Using our knowledge and expertise of property owners’ needs, Lodgis has developedrental management options (Essential, Comfort, and Premium). In addition to thesemanagement offers, there are personalized and à la carte services for owners thatwere designed by Lodgis and are implemented with our partners
- A la carte management services: Tenant check in/check out, inventories, entry/exit inventories and diagnostics (in collaboration with Constatimmo)
- Estate assessment: advice on furnishing and equipping your property
- Décor pack & home staging: equipment and furnishing of the property according to the criteria of the furnished rental
- Digital Boost Pack: professional photos and video, and a spotlight of your property not only on our website but also on our social media pages
- Investor pack: turnkey solution to rent and make your furnished property profitable
- Unpaid rent insurance: covers rent and protects your property against unpaid rent or damage to furnishings
- Occupation insurance: covers rent in the case of an absence of tenants
- Tenant insurance: covers the tenant in case of unpaid rent or damages to furnishings (in collaboration with Assurimo)
- Automated tax declaration (in collaboration with jedelcaremonmeuble.com)
- Appraisal: real-time monitoring of your property’s value (in collaboration with Pricehubble)

Proof of the effectiveness and relevance of these offers are the positive development of the Lodgis property portfolio and are supported by the 3 management offers including Essential and Comfort:
- overall, Lodgis has noted an evolution of +53% in our apartment base since January 2020 (including + 18% in Paris)
- Lodgis’ global base has increased by 16% since January 2020 with the 3 rental management offers

Traditional furnished rentals, the market is still flourishing

As the end of the pandemic looms and the real estate market recovers, housing and lodging needs continue to change. "After a period of reverse balance between supply and demand, tenants resume their mobility projects (students, young professionals, etc.) and need to rent accommodation for both short and long periods,", explains Alexis Alban, Deputy General Director of Lodgis. "The owners are eager to optimize the value their rental investments and to make the right decisions after a year shaken by the health crisis. Our role is to help them differentiate themselves by supporting them on strategic axes to rent their properties again in this context that is so different from past years.".

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