What is the amount of agency fees for a furnished apartment rental and how can I pay?

Our agency fees (inspection fees, file assembling and drafting of the lease) correspond to:

The agency fees and the deposit must be paid to Lodgis as soon as the rental agreement has been signed by both the tenant and the owner. Payment can be made easily through our secure online payment facility.

We accept the following payment methods:

Are online card payments on our website secure?

For online card payments, Lodgis has chosen to use CM-CIC p@iement. This platform is known for its reliability with regard to making payments online. Their website is encrypted thanks to SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology which allows them to guarantee the safety of the information that you provide when making bank transactions.
Your card details are never passed unencrypted through our network. Lodgis never has access to your bank details, and this is why you will be asked to provide them again for each new payment that you make on our site.

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