Dealing with damages to furnished rental properties: in theory and through case studies

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For both the landlord and the tenant, dealing with damages can often be a dreaded affair, as it represents both a long and costly procedure. The Parsian real estate agency, Lodgis, and the insurance broker, French Furnished Insurance, are both specialists in the furnished rental sector, offering theoretical advice and practical guidance based on frequent cases.

What are the most common forms of damage?*

Most common forms of damage
* Ratios by French Furnished Insurance

Which insurance policy is responsible for covering damages?

To determine which insurance policy (the tenant's, the landlord's or the buildings) should cover the cost of the damages, there are three key factors to address:

What are the specifics of damages to a furnished rental?

Dealing with damages to a furnished rental differs in a number of ways from with an unfurnished property. It is, therefore, vital for both the tenant and landlord of a furnished property to be familiar with current regulations to make sure thay they are fully insured and to avoid potential disputes.

What are the key steps for dealing with damages?

To deal with damages, you will need to follow a specific set of technical rules and procedures.

1. Damages must be formally declared with a specific timeframe (generally 5 working days, 2 days in the case of theft)

2. An estimate for the damages is then made by an expert. This report is used to determine what must be covered and what must be paid for

3. Once the assessment has been completed and those liable have been established, compensation for the damages can be paid

Cass studies

1. The tenant's furnished apartment is damaged by water coming down from the property on the floor above, following a leak caused by a faulty pipe

2. The tenant has an attempted burglary on his furnished rental property

3. The furnished property is burned after an appliance catches fire, such as a a faulty charger for an electronic device

4. Suite à de fortes pluies, une inondation survient dans l’appartement meublé du rez-de-chaussée de l’immeuble

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