Did you know? Lodgis has been working in Lyon since 2019 and is now a leader in Lyon’s furnished rental market

Since April 1, 2021, Lodgis, the leader in the French furnished rental market, has become a key actor in the market of Lyon by proposing almost 500 furnished properties for rent as a response to real needs in the market. Rental demands have increased tenfold in Lyon since January 2021, thanks to a large portion of international clients (42% of Lodgis’ tenants in July 2021 were in Lyon).

Lyon: a furnished rental market on the rise

As the end of the pandemic is on the horizon and we begin to see the real estate market recovering we also notice that housing needs have changed. “Tenants are resuming their mobility projects (student, professional, etc.) and need to rent accommodation for varying periods of time", explains Alexis Alban, Deputy General Director of Lodgis. “The owners are eager to optimize their rental investment and to make the right decisions after a year shaken by the crisis. Unlike other agencies, we are able to meet all types of rental needs: rentals from 1 month to several years, different types of stays and various leases to manage any type of situation (professional mobility, students, roommates, companies, main residences, divorce, hospitalization, etc.)”.

In this context of large changes, Lodgis is continuing its development in Lyon, where the indicators are promising:

“We are delighted to be able to continue our work in the Lyon market to provide new offers in this region,", explains Alexis Alban. “As we have done with the customers that we have been supporting for more than 20 years, we want to provide owners and tenants in Lyon with our know-how and our market expertise, while also offering them our digital DNA, our ability to adapt and to innovation (strong web presence, electronic signature, web and mobile tools, virtual tours, etc.). Our presence coupled with the growing demand for furnished accommodation in Lyon is a real opportunity for Lodgis to develop the traditional furnished rental market there.”

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