Taxes: the LMNP (private landlord) status to save money

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Whilst taxpayers are desperately trying to reduce their tax bills via a range of different avoidance schemes, the status of Tenant of a Private Landlord (Loueur en Meublé Non Professionnel) is worth investigating. Lodgis, the real estate agency spealising in furnished rentals in Paris, offers advice on how to cut your tax bills via the online service

Additional income with no extra tax

Whilst some tax efficiency schemes require you to make a decision before the end of the calendar year, it must be noted that lots of taxpayers end up being too late to benefit from tax relief. For those who are late and looking for long-term security that gives them a substantial additional income without increasing their tax burden, the LMNP status represents a real opportunity, provided that you choose the appropriate tax regime.

Choosing the right tax regime: régime micro-bic or régime réel ?

Investors have the choice between two tax systems when declaring their income from a furnished rental property: the '' régime micro BIC' system and the '' régime réel''. Whilst the ''régime micro BIC'' system is selected by the majority of landlords leasing properties (in 85% of cases), the ''régime réel'' allows you to make even greater tax savings..

To help you choose the most advantageous tax regime, offers a free simulator that will calculate the total amount of tax based on the two systems and your individual circumstances (property value, expenses, rental income).

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