How to find the right tenant?

You have the final say, but be wary of being discriminatory

As landlord of a property for furnished or unfurnished rent you have the choice as to your tenant. Your choice needs to be made within objective criteria, such as the financial solvency of the tenant. It is important to steer clear of any prejudices which could lead you to discriminating against a particular candidate, as this is punishable by law.*

For your information, here are criteria to avoid when choosing a tenant for your apartment: origin, surname, physical appearance, sex, family status, health status, handicap, lifestyle/morals, sexual orientation, genetic characteristics, age, political opinions, pregnancy, union activities, true or alleged affiliation or non-affiliation to an ethnic group, a nation, a race, or a religion.

What documents to ask from a potential tenant to prove their financial solvency?

As a future landlord of a furnished apartment it is normal to have to ask for proof of identity and financial solvency from a potential tenant in order to determine whether or not to rent them the property. Some abusive practices have been denounced relating to the letting of unfurnished properties. A list of documents that landlords must not demand from potential tenants has thus been compiled and largely distributed – notably by HALDE (High Authority to Combat Discrimination and Promote Equality).

Even though this list is not imperative in the case of furnished rentals it is still advised to consult it as it can only serve to better your relation with your tenant.
You may ask for:

You may not ask for:

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*Article 225-1 and 225-2 of the Penal Code: all discrimination committed against a person is punishable by three years imprisonment and by €45 000 fine.

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