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Why choose furnished rentals?

Rental investment in Strasbourg: a historic, cosmopolitan city at the heart of Europe!
Are you a Strasbourg-based property owner looking to venture into furnished rentals? We would be delighted to assist you with your rental project and to welcome you to join the owners that already trust us in Strasbourg.

Strasbourg in a few figures market

Thanks to its European fame, its cultural dynamism and its green lifestyle, Strasbourg has the wind in its sails and attracts more and more people... who are struggling today to find accommodation.

Letting a furnished property in Strasbourg: how profitable is it?

Example: 2 rooms, 40m2, located rue des Ecrivains in the district of the Cathédrale, Strasbourg center

Unfurnished Rental

  • Rent from €800 / month
  • 3 year lease, tacitly renewable
  • 100% occupancy rate
  • Tax: 30% reduction

Furnished Rental

  • Rent from €935 / month
  • Lease between 1 and 12 months
  • 95% occupancy rate
  • Tax: 50% reduction... and up to €0 tax for 10 years!

Seasonal Rental

  • €90 per night
  • Stay of 90 days maximum
  • Compulsory change of use
    (unless primary residence: 120 days rental / year maximum)
  • Registration with authorities required


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Our 3 rental management offers in Strasbourg


All of our
rental services


Manage visits
Entrance inventory
Exit inventory


Digital Boost Pack
(professional photos & video)


Rental fees: adapted to the duration of the lease and less than 1 month of rent


management fees
3,9 % tax incl.


All of our services offered in


Signature of lease on behalf of the owner
Tenant relationship management
Daily management of the property
Management of maintenance expenses
Follow-up of routine maintenance work
Intervention in case of technical problems


Furniture Package (to furnish an empty property)
Digital Boost Pack
(professional photos & video)
Security deposit reimbursement
Claims management


Rental fees: adapted to the duration of the lease and less than 1 month of rent


Management Fee
7,9 % tax incl.


All of our services offered in


Best visibility of your listing
Pack Digital Boost (professional photos & video)
Patrimonial assessment
Follow-up of major construction
Meetings (meters, co-owners, deliveries)
Reimbursement of security deposits
Claims management
Payment of taxes and of co-owner fees
… and more!


Furniture Package (to furnish an empty property)


Rental fees: adapted to the duration of the lease and less than 1 month of rent


Management Fee
12 % tax incl.

Non-exhaustive list of services. Monthly fees during the tenancy.

Expert Advice

Our advice to better optimize the furnished rental of your furnished apartment or your studio in Strasbourg

Location, a essential criteria

For furnished rentals, the location of the property is crucial. In fact, if your property is located in an area where the demand is lower, you’ll have a harder time in finding a tenant. In Strasbourg, the neighborhoods to prioritize are the neighborhood of Petite France, the neighborhood of Orangerie which is one of the most elegant neighborhood of the city really loved by the families, and the neighborhoods of Krutenau, the Neudorf and the neighborhood of Robertsau.

view of Strasbourg city

Go for smaller spaces

The most successful properties in the furnished rental market are studios and 1 bed apartments: they represent more than half of all rentals. Large family furnished apartments with more than 2 bedrooms are also popular with families or as student house-shares.

studio floor plan

The right equipment for a successful rental

To advertise a property as furnished, it must be equipped with 11 legally required items (see illustration) allowing the tenant to live, eat and sleep in the home. In order to rent your property as furnished accommodation more easily and at the best price, we recommend that you install some of the items most requested by tenants: internet, washing machine, TV, dishwasher, small appliances (kettle, toaster, coffee maker, iron, etc.). As for design, we recommend a simple and refined decoration that will appeal to the most people possible.

11 legally required items for furnished rental

Find the right price

Our last tip to rent your property easily and efficiently is to decide the right monthly rent. If it is too high, it may take more time to find a tenant and the property being left empty could affect its profitability. To work out the right price for your furnished rental property, have a look at others that are similar in terms of location, type, space, equipment and services.

graphics and desktop

Why entrust us with the rental management of your real estate?

Here are 6 good reasons to trust Lodgis to guide you through the rental process.

Real estate agency

You are sure to sign the furnished rental lease best suited to your future tenants, in compliance with regulations (principal residence, mobility lease, etc.).

Customer satisfaction

95% of our clients, tenants and owners, are satisfied with our services.

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