Why call upon a professional to help with finding tenants for your property?

There are multiple options available to find a tenant: word of mouth, putting an advert in the press, on the internet or call upon the help of a professional in the rental of furnished and unfurnished properties.

1/ Word of mouth

You can let the concierge, your neighbours, colleagues, and friends know about your tenant search. However, carrying out your search in this way can get you into some uncomfortable situations, such as refusing a ‘friend of a friend’ as tenant due to a lack of financial guarantee. Furthermore, the word of mouth method will not be sufficient if you are looking to let your apartment in the short term. If this is the case you need to propose your property to as many people as possible, and so an internet announcement is more suitable, being the most widely used tool today in searching for a property to rent.

2/ Choosing to publish your announcement somewhere specific

When publishing your announcement somewhere specific, whether it be on the internet or in a magazine you need to pay special attention to the editing of your announcement. In one reading the future tenant must be equipped with all the information necessary regarding your property: the m² of the property, the price etc. The more precise the announcement – storey, lift, type of kitchen – the more likely you are to be contacted by serious tenants, whether the property is furnished or not.
If your announcement is aimed at tourists or vacationers it is key to specify the location of the property within relation to central points of interest, whether these be the touristic hot-spots, the beach or the ski slopes. Think also about having your announcement translated into English and do not hesitate to add lots of photos of your apartment.
In any case, be sure to be precise, clear and not to embellish reality; something your tenants will not hesitate to reproach you for.

3/ Put your faith into a professional in the market

Finding a tenant on your own terms can take a long time. You need to respond to all responses and, when foreigners are involved, the problem of the language barrier can present itself. Furthermore, with the growth of real estate offers online it can be hard to be noticed. For these different reasons it can be wise to call upon a professional, specialised in the local market, who can reach out to an international clientele particularly interested in furnished properties, not only for professionals relocated for work, but also for touristic holidays. Real estate professionals have specially adapted tools at their disposition to help in the search, including but not limited to websites that appear high up on search engine results, publication on main real estate portals, and a command of numerous languages. They also have a valuable know-how; exhaustive reports on accommodation, furnishings, facilities, and quality of photos. They will preselect candidates for the rental in your place, allowing you to optimise your chances of finding a tenant and reclaim your time.

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