Furnished rentals in Paris: What are foreign residents looking for?

Students, people travelling for business, expats… There are more and more foreigners coming to Paris and choosing to rent a furnished property for their stay capital. But what are the expectations of these new tenants? Lodgis, a Parisian real estate agency specialised in furnished rentals, has analysed the demands of its international clientele and the renting aspirations of our American, Asian and European neighbours.

Location: a common criteria

Whatever their nationality, foreigners seem to have a weakness for the centre of Paris. They are looking for areas which are authentic and quiet at the same time, where they can fully enjoy all the culture that Paris has to offer: museums, shows, theatres, bars, restaurants etc. This affection for the central districts (1st-8th) is particularly true for Chinese and Brazilian renters who also want to be as close as possible to the main monuments in the capital.
The Russians and Japanese prefer the more affluent areas in the west of Paris, where comfort and peacefulness are guaranteed.

Old-fashioned charm or modern comforts?

Haussmann-style architecture with its wooden floors, mouldings and fireplaces appeals to Americans. They like 19th century style apartments which they find to be very cosy. Brits also love the charm of old buildings and prefer loft apartments in the capital.
For the Japanese, if the charm of traditional style buildings is not necessarily sought after, wooden floors are an important criteria in their decision making.
In contrast, Russians like modern apartments, preferably recently refurbished and equipped with modern furniture.

The essential elements…

Some nationalities have certain criteria when looking for a rental. For Americans and Italians, having a kitchen is essential. It must be well equipped, modern and practical.
Moreover, Americans, who don’t like the heat, are big fans of air conditioning. On the contrary, their Russian counterparts, already accustomed to sub-zero temperatures, seem to overheat their apartments in winter! Central heating is therefore a requirement.
Finally, internet access is vital for American, Italian and German expats: for them, it would be unimaginable to stay in an apartment without Wi-Fi.

… And some surprises!

Brazilian tenants strongly value beauty and cleanliness in shared spaces. According to Lodgis, a well maintained co-ownership is an attractive feature which is likely to appeal to them.
When it comes to bathrooms, everyone’s taste is different. Americans like showers, whilst the Japanese prefer baths. And for Italians, having a bathroom and toilet as nice as the living room is a must!
Of course, for our English neighbours, being able to have a cup of tea is essential, so they will especially appreciate having a kettle in the apartment, perhaps to remind them of home…

A housing solution particularly suited to staying in the capital for a few months or long term for expats, furnished rentals are becoming more and more popular with foreign residents. But each nationality is different. Furnishing an apartment before renting it out to international clients is a good time to adapt the layout of the property according to the requirements of each nationality.

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