Lodgis continues to grow and expands its services to Bordeaux, Lyon and Toulouse

In the last 30 years, the share of furnished housing in the French private rental sector has more than doubled *. Working with this trend, the real estate agency Lodgis, leading market specialist in Paris, continues to grow. Based in the Ile-de-France region for the past 20 years, Lodgis is expanding its horizons, offering services to tenants and owners of furnished properties in Bordeaux, Lyon and Toulouse from the 24th April 2019 thanks to an online process and a team of expert advisors in these cities.

Lodgis, a digital real estate agency dedicated to mobility projects

The challenge for Lodgis with these new openings is to provide all target groups (tenants and owners, whether French or international) with help and specialised support in this pressurised market and thus to become the go-to for furnished rentals in these three cities in France.

To do this, Lodgis can rely on:

By the end of June, Lodgis plans to have about a hundred furnished properties to rent across these three ‘test’ cities. The medium/ long term goal is to expand and offer these services in all major French cities and to become the leader in traditional furnished rentals in France.

Lodgis’s raison d’être? To be a trusted partner that secures and simplifies real estate by offering an expert service that is flexible and accessible to people both here and elsewhere...

Traditional furnished rental: a booming market in France's major cities

Traditional furnished rental has many advantages over unfurnished or tourist rental. Regulations are evolving to allow leases to be more flexible, the profitability of furnished rentals is higher than that of unfurnished, furnished rentals are privileged by the tax system, and the regulations around tourist rentals are tightening”, explains Alexis Alban, Director of operations at Lodgis. “hus, the furnished rental market should experience a real dynamic shift in 2019 across major French cities, since owners will naturally be more inclined to abandon seasonal rental in favour of the traditional furnished rental”.

Furnished rental responds to a double demand:

Lodgis’s expansion is fuelled by these demands, which are constantly growing, but also by new legislation that, since the end of 2018, has seen the Bail Mobilité introduced under the Elan law (a development in housing, construction and digitalisation). Recognising the demand for mobility, this new type of furnished rental contract adapts to the needs of students and professionals by allowing them to sign a lease for a period of 1 to 10 months. The Bail Mobilité therefore allows us to glimpse the promising future of traditional furnished rentals in major French cities.

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* Source: Rapport de l’évaluation de politique publique sur le logement locatif meublé en France, Janvier 2016, par l’Inspection générale des finances et le Conseil général de l’environnement et du développement durable

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