Paris furnished rentals survey 2016

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Baromètre Lodgis de la location meublée à Paris : les chiffres du 2ème trimestre 2016

2016 was marked by a security environment particularly tensed in the Capital, which is characterized by a decreasing amount of foreign clients and a constant price stagnation. Overall, the relation between supply and demand for furnished rentals barely evolves and experiences a small upward variation (+0,1% between 2015 and 2016). For 4 successive years, the price of Parisian furnished rentals is moving towards stability: + 0.36% between 2012 and 2013, +0.17% between 2013 and 2014 and + 0.63% in 2015 in comparison with 2014. This continuity shows that rent regulation did not have any significant impact on the price variation. We must remember that for 37% of the Parisians owning furnished apartments, the Alur law did not cause any aftereffect on their activity*. How will things turn out in 2017?

2016 Grounds for stay of furnished rental tenants in Paris

Motif du séjour des locataires en meublé à Paris au 2ème trimestre 2016

46,2% of tenants on work-related trips
The companies' request to book rentals for theirs employees during their travel is a the top ranking of the reasons for stay. During a temporary professional transfer, for a training or even a few months' mission, the furnished rental seems to be a more interesting solution for their employees and cheaper one for their treasury than hostels.

37,3% of students tenants
In 2016, the amount of students was slightly on the rise (+1.3). According to the INSEE, the workforce of higher education should increase by 219 000 individuals by 2023. Furthermore, Paris has been elected for 4 successive years best students city in the world by the ranking “QS Best StudentCities” 2016. The students demand for furnished rentals should, thus, have a better future.

16,5% of grounds for stay are personal
Such as the implementation of construction in the principal residence, the support of a relative admitted in the hospital or a temporary accommodation following a divorce. This share stays relatively stable from a year to an other.

The background of furnished rental tenants in Paris, in 2016

Les origines géographiques des loueurs de meublés à Paris au 2ème trimestre 2016

As a whole, the evolution of the tenants'geographical source remains steady, since France and the European Union stay at the top of the ranking with respectively 31,7% and 29,7% of tenants leasing furnished properties in the Capital. The French natives are, this year, on a clear rise in comparison to 2015 (+3%).

As for Asia (12,5%) and North America (10,2%), they are on the 3rd and 4th step of the podium. However, the amount of foreign tenants is decreasing on the panel, with a low moving from -0,7% to -1,4%. This time again, the feeling of insecurity caused by the attacks partly explains why there is a relative abandonment of the city of light. Only Americans and Canadians follow a combined progression of +1,1% because of good economic conditions: the dollar's appreciation in comparison with the euro kept growing for 3 successive years, in 2016.

* Lodgis' study alongside with owners of Parisian furnished properties, September 2016.

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