20 after its creation, the leader Lodgis confirms its position as an expert and unveils its ambitions

Founded in 1999, Lodgis, the French specialist in furnished rentals, is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Student and professional mobility, tourism, new ways of life: furnished rentals have always met the public‘s needs, whether French or foreign. In the constant quest for customer satisfaction, Lodgis has been able to anticipate market changes and be adaptable in the face of legislative requirements to provide solutions for its international customers.
20 years after its opening in Ile-de-France, Lodgis continues to grow based on its ability to adapt, offer services and the expertise of its teams: after opening its services this year to ‘Région’ (in particular Lyon, Toulouse and Bordeaux), Lodgis aims to stay one step ahead by continuing to reinvent itself in a constantly changing market.
Happy Birthday Lodgis!

A pioneer of digital technology in real estate, Lodgis is forever reinventing itself

20 years ago already, Lodgis was betting on digital technology to offer its clients from around the world an ‘online process’ thanks to its innovative services: electronic signature, landlord extranet, online files, etc. While the sector has since evolved considerably to offer similar digital services that are now standardised, Lodgis continues to place numerical and digital innovation at the heart of its growth strategy. Its objective? To make real estate more secure and simple for everyone, relying notably on artificial intelligence (virtual visits, remote management tools, payment in bitcoin, digital safes, community gateways, connected indicators, rental project simulators, etc.)

Alexis Alban, operations manager at Lodgis, explains: "Our teams work on digital innovation, which is the real priority for Lodgis. Our ambition is to create the new digital real estate standards and services of tomorrow."

Lodgis, a sustained growth

With an expertise recognised for 20 years in the furnished rental market, Lodgis has known a constant growth which is reflected by the opening of its services to major French cities (Lyon, Bordeaux and Toulouse) thanks to a 100% online process and a team of expert advisors for these cities.
Through its investments, Lodgis affirms its desire to create a proximity with its customers in the regions and to provide all its audience, tenants and landlords, French and foreign, with a specialist response and support in the current real estate markets.

The objective for Lodgis: to become the leading player in the furnished rental market in France’s big cities. After 20 years, a challenge that matches the ambitions of the leading Parisian player in its sector!

To give itself the means to achieve its ambitions, Lodgis plans to hire twenty new employees by the end of 2020 (IT, sales, etc.).

Real estate agency: Lodgis’ expert vision of a changing industry

The real estate market is constantly evolving, particularly in terms of regulations: caps on fees, ‘bail mobilité’ (a mobility lease), rent control, etc. Faced with these many innovations, Lodgis affirms its position as an expert through the advice, support and reinsurance of its customers, owners and tenants, more than ever searching for a professional presence at their side.

Digitalisation is one of the tools used by Lodgis’ teams to increase efficiency and therefore spend more time giving clients personalised support. Lodgis sees it as "an opportunity to give meaning and added value to their role as real estate professionals, in line with their values, without dehumanising the role of a real estate agent… on the contrary!", explains Alexis Alban.

Furnished rentals, a booming market for 20 years

Since the end of the 1980s, the furnished rental sector has undergone a real change. The laws have considerably changed: health and social, desire for tax fairness, etc. The same applies to the habits and customs of French people and foreigners, whose ways of life have changed. Due to their increasing mobility, they want to be able to stay somewhere temporarily that simply facilitates their daily lives. These new needs allow Lodgis to increase their activity and to become one of the key players in the market. Today, 32% of furnished rentals are taken by students and 52% by those in professional mobility. Lodgis recorded an 8% increase in furnished rental requests over the first 7 months of this year compared to the same period last year. And the implementation of the ‘bail mobilité’ in November 2018 as part of the ELAN law only confirms this trend: at Lodgis, which was one of the first to believe in it, it now represents 28% of the furnished rental contracts signed, or nearly a thousand contracts.

For Alexis Alban, operations manager at Lodgis, "We have been active in the furnished rental sector since our creation and have succeeded in adapting what we offer to anticipate the new needs of our customers. We are happy to have successfully established ourselves in a market that is constantly changing, and has been for 20 years. The dynamic nature of the market still holds great promise for us in the coming years.".

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